Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery by Karen Tyrrell. 

Published: Digital Future Press

Mental Heath recovery manual and memoir. 4.8 out of *5 STARs on Amazon

“Practical framework of experience wrapped around an inspirational story of struggle and success.” – Richard Nelson CEO: QLD Alliance for Mental Health

“We can all benefit from Karen’s insights into the wellness skills promoting good mental health.” – Terry Kirkpatrick Manager Mental Health Assoc of Australia

Me and Him: A Guide to RecoveryMe and Him: A Guide to Recovery reveals the shock discoveries casting my first memoir Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness in a new light.

I highlight the crucial role of my husband, Steve played as carer in my recovery from parent harassment and subsequent mental illness.

In this self-help memoir, I share practical mental-wellness advice, demystifies meditation, addresses sleep problems and explains how to beat depression and anxiety.
I disclose the dreaded secrets Steve finally revealed to me.

On that fateful blue-sky day, my life as I knew it fell apart. “You better rewrite that memoir of yours. What I’m going to tell you now will change everything.”

What secrets did Steve finally divulge six years on?
What impact did those revelations have on our marriage and my recovery?

In 2013, I launched Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, a mental health manual for everyone, sharing empowering resilience skills and perspectives from the carer’s point of view.

Mental health CEOs, managers and leaders gave ME & HIM *5 STAR reviews.

Read the opening pages of Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery   HERE

 Watch my Video. From MADNESS to Recovery: My Bipolar Story.

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery is available from Amazon, Booktopia,  selected book stores. It’s also available directly from me via request and at my speaking events.

31 comments to Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

  • Hi Karen,
    Was interesting to read your Bio. Have found we have something in common. I worked in the ANZ Bank in Roma and Brisbane from age 16 – 24 until I got married. Women were not allowed to work after they were married. Watched Agatha Christie DVD – was quite interesting. All the best for your writing and publishing.

  • Laura

    Congrats on the new website! It’s looking good! Can’t WAIT to read your new book 🙂

  • Stacey

    Hi there Karen,
    I have got to give it to you, you are a goer. You always amaze me. Well done!

  • Hi Karen what a great job you have done with your web site – maybe you could do one for me as I am not really computer literate!! Good luck getting the book published and do send me a copy of Me and Her. Talk Soon. Bye for now. Cousin Karen … New Zealand

  • Karly

    I too have worked in a bank, State bank of NSW… one job I will never do again! I think I must have been the worst bank teller ever! considering I just loath Maths…we live and learn! but it was an interesting first job, and I made some really good friends, so I guess it was worth it!

  • C. David Irons

    Great work, Karen.
    I like the look of your site and will watch your progress with interest. May the power of positive thinking take you where you want to go. Good luck and best wishes. David … QWC Member

  • Well done, Karen and all the best in your search for an agent and a publisher.

  • Cheryl

    Fantastic website Karen…congratulations!! Would love to read your stories, I wish you great success in your journey and will follow your progress with interest xx

  • Hi Cheryl, Lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well. Did you like reading about our school days? … Karen

  • Karen, The very best of luck in all your accomplishments.
    I Will look for an announcement regarding your book publishing on Twitter.Revel in the satisfaction that your accomplishments diminish any negative oppinions and sterotypes.

  • I have a BIG announcement tomorrow nite on my website!Thanx Melissa for your support, look forward to reading your Blogs.

  • Hi Karen I am writing my lifestory 35 years of saving animals, also I have written a childrens book, and a book of “real life poems” I am wondering how you made your approach to Allen & Unwin & who you actually ended up going through as I know that you cannot send manuscripts direct.

  • KAREN Can you email me please

  • Hi Margo, YES YOU CAN! I f you have a Non-Fiction book, you can you directly to the Publisher with a Book Proposal, which includes a Query Letter, marketing plan, cross-analysis of similar books, synopsis, sample chapters etc etc. I wish you every success. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Margo, I emailed you today. If you have any other questions. Ask away. Karen :))

  • Congratulations on your initiatives with the Logan Writers’ Week. Unfortunately I cannot participate as I will be in Brisbane only for two days in the week before: Weds 29th Sept & Thursday 30th to speak at the International Librarians’ Conference on the Weds and run an Authorpreneurship workshop for ASA on the Thursday.

  • Hi Hazel, I understand totally but thanks for your support and comment here. Could you please tell me the locations and times for your two events and I’ll let the Society of Women Writers know …Karen :))

  • Pam

    It’s amazing what we can accomplish when manic, LOLOL!

    Or properly medicated 😀

  • Hi Pam, I’ve always ran with high energy and motivation, some may say a little hypomanic. My manic, reckless days are gone. Now I’m Recovered and my writing and my life is focused and even keeled. Karen :))

  • karen tyrrell

    Believe in the stars and reach for the planets and you will be published. Being involved with the Mental Health Organisation can only assist your promotion of Me and Her.

    Keep your chin up, don’t get down and Keep opening those doors.X

  • Thanks Karen, I really appreciate your words of support and I’ll do my best to push some of those doors open … Karen :))

  • vicki

    Hi karen, my you have had a colourful life. I was just wondering who published your children’s book was it allen and Unwin? cheers Vicki

  • Thanks Vicki, for dropping by my website. Yes, I have had a colourful, rich life with challenges I’ve overcome. Josh and the It is not published yet. International publishers requested it and are considering it for publication. Its not Allen and Unwin but a very well known mainstream publisher.

  • Catherine

    karen… i thought you should know that beyondblue doesn’t have your stories available now. I thought there might be access to them in an archive but there seems to be no search access. Maybe you can contact them to provide access to the archives or else you might be able to alter your website to include a published stories section where these stories can be made available to the general public.

  • Thanks Cate for the idea of a Published Story section. I’ll have to work out how and where I will present it.

  • Hi Karen,

    I deeply admire your role in helping to lift the veil of ignorance and guilt that so often surrounds bi-polar disorder.

    May the Lord bless and strengthen you for the work to which you have been called.

  • Thank you Father Dave, for supporting my quest to spread the news of Hope with recovery from mental illness.
    I appreciate your blessings and advice … Karen 🙂

  • Sandi

    Hi Karen,
    You are such an inspiration to people from all walks of life. You have endless courage and strengths that are to be admired. Congratulations on your wonderful books and the support network you have established.
    You are a true celebrity yet you are so humble at the same time, that is what makes you so great.
    Wishing you international success in all you achieve and what you do to assist others. Your videos are a great source of inspiration and comfort to many in need of encouragement.
    Blessings always,

  • Thanks so much Sandi. Lovely to discover your encouraging words on the eve of my KIDS book being launched.
    Can’t wait to see you again tomorrow. Please give Blackcat a call 3367 8777 … Karen 🙂

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