Magazine Published article featuring ME & HER

Her Canberra magazine published an article featuring me: Karen Tyrrell and my recovery story ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness.  She shared my ten top tools for eliminating STRESS.

Her Canberra journalist, Belladonna Took wrote a powerful article “Open Your Mind – Mental Health Week 2012” with staggering statistics on mental illness.

“One in five Australians will experience a mental illness this year.”

Belladonna shared how I recovered from mental illness.

Karen Tyrrell, mental health advocate and author of Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness, developed bipolar disorder after being repeatedly harassed by parents when she was a school teacher.

Karen has now successfully overcome her illness and she shares with us her tips for staying mentally well and healthy.

“We strive to be Super mums and dads, Super spouses and Super achievers,” Karen says. “We unwittingly say yes to all that’s asked of us, loading more stress onto our already over-strained lives. Stress severely affects our mental and physical health, our overall sense of well-being.”

“Here are my top tips for diminishing stress. These have been recommended by industry leaders and which I successfully use on a daily basis.”

The greatest stress reliever of all, but this is also the most neglected. Start the day with a brisk walk. Relax with stretches and yoga. The key for making this work for you is to find a routine and be consistent.


Recognize when you feel overwhelmed and request help.

Laugh out loud. Smile. Tell jokes. Have fun. A great stress reliever.

Say “everything will be OK.” Positive self-talk and gratitude empowers you to cope and to relax. You ARE what you think!

I offer 30 top WELLNESS  tools and tips for living a mentally healthy life in my free eBook. Download here for FREE.

  Top 30 Tools for Wellness.  Healthy mind , Happy day

Read the Full Story “Open Your Mind – Mental Health Week 2012”

How can we become more resilient against mental illness?

How can we fight the stigma and break down the barriers?
Love to hear what you think.

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