BOOKED Bailey Beats the Blah Storytelling for Kids

loganhyperdome-karentyrrell-march28Join in Outrageous FUN…

And meet children’s author -teacher, Karen Tyrrell (me) as I re-enact my empowering picture book, Bailey Beats the BLAH.

Bailey Beats the Blah boosts self-esteem, emotional awareness and coping skills to overcome anxiety (worry thoughts) and depression (sad days) …

and How to cope with change!

Download FREE teaching Notes and Free KIDS activities HERE

Kids will LOVE Bailey, interacting with chants, actions and laughter.

Mums, teachers and authors bring your KIDS along to Bailey’s story telling session this Friday…

How to Present a Storytelling session at a Library or School

1.    Book the session in advance with clear aims on how to make your session captivating and memorable. Advertise your event with flyers for a library session. Request what you need: a display table, a whiteboard etc

2.    Work out your exact spiel, adding humor and pathos.

3.    Practice speaking, acting and interacting. Dramatize story with voice inflections, whispers, pauses and actions, injecting with enthusiasm and energy. Fine tune your body language and movements “on stage”.

4.     Pack your bag in advance including bookmarks, copies of your books, costumes, puppets, posters, your banner, a sign-up sheet, a bright cover for the display table.

5.    Wear bright clothing: consider an eye-catching T-shirt or theme costume, a wig, a silly hat, and your name tag.

6.    Follow up the dramatic storytelling session with discussion and hands on activity sheets that consolidate your message or lesson. Finish on a positive note, by requesting feedback. Discuss the next visit with your next book.

KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-LgeI LOVE presenting Bailey Beats the Blah to children, watching their faces light up with delight.  And helping kids change their BLAH into HA-HA-HA.

5% of sales go to Kids Helpline, supporting kids in crisis. ALL kids will receive goodies from Kids Helpline including stickers and fridge magnets.

Come join me to stamp out the BLAH!

Where:  Hyperdome Library TLC lounge
When: Friday March 28th 10 am

Are you coming along this Friday?

What tips would you like to share for storytelling?

Would you like me to present Bailey Beats the Blah at your school, pre-school or library?

Please comment below … SHARE, Like, tweet or Google +

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4 comments to BOOKED Bailey Beats the Blah Storytelling for Kids

  • Great tips. Must think about silly costumes for my books… I hadn’t thought of that one.

  • Thanks Melissa, for checking out my story telling tips. KIDS love silly costumes, puppets and props, helps to enhance the story experience for kids … and mums. Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Sounds like you and the kids have a lot of fun. Hope all goes well on Friday. I’m sure it will

  • Thanks Dale, I always have fun sharing my stories with kids. So far I’ve taken Bailey to festivals, schools, Pre-schools and bookshops… Really looking forward to Friday Karen 🙂

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