Writing Workshops for Children

Writing workshops for children create superhero authors of the future!

KAPOW! Today, I was thrilled to present my 4th Superhero Writing Workshop for Brisbane City Libraries in the Summer Reading program.

Kids, supercharged with story writing powers, created original Superhero stories, jam-packed with SUPER powers, SUPER action and SUPER villains!

Kids created their own incredible Superhero story in just one hour.

Photo: Maria Parenti-Baldey

In 2017, I presented two 90-minute workshops for ALEA Meanjin Writing Camps at the University of Queensland, Springfield. Kids dressed up, role playing characters from Song Bird book series. They wrote longer, more detailed stories.

What are my credentials to present Writing Workshops for children?

My name is Karen Tyrrell, SUPERHERO children’s author.  HERE

Karen Tyrrell author of Song Bird Series .              Photo: Maria Parenti-Baldey

I created 4 SUPERHERO books. Song Bird Superhero and Song Bird the Battle of Bug World from the Song Bird series. I generated Jo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra from the Super Space Kids series.

I’m an experienced school teacher, Gifted and Talented teacher and workshop presenter.

I present writing workshops for children at libraries, schools, festivals and writing camps.

Recently, I won an Arts Queensland grant for a NEW children’s book … out SOON!

10 Tips to Present Writing Workshops for children

  1. Wear a FUN costume of your book character and role play.
  2. Create a FUN power point presentation, igniting kid’s creativity with visuals, questioning, role play, humour and games.
  3. Create a planning sheet for your writing activity that is simple to follow for any child 6 to 12.
  4. Enlist a friend or a family member to help kids receive one-on-one assistance with their writing.
  5. Practice your author spiel and role play at home until its smooth and FUN.
  6. Bring appealing props, posters, prizes, bookmarks, rewards that encourage kids to participate.
  7. Guide kids with simple steps on how to create their story.
  8. Model how to write an action-packed story on the whiteboard, using the kid’s suggestions, sentence by sentence.
  9. Ensure presenter and assistant both have current Blue Cards.
  10. Set up a book display table for cash and Pay Pal sales. Smile, take photos of your event. 😊
Writing Workshops for Children

Photo: Maria Parenti-Baldey

Superhero Writing Workshops? How?

I, Karen Tyrrell sported my Song Bird Superhero costume and author Steve Tyrrell wore his Super Bee costume. As I explained each writing step, Steve buzzed around to ensure kids were on task.

Karen & Steve Tyrrell Publishers Digital Future Press Photo: Maria Parenti-Baldey

I created a superhero PowerPoint presentation, introducing myself as a superhero author. I included slides on characters, powers, villains and how to write your story.

Each child received a story starter kit and a double-sided book mark featuring Song Bird Superhero and Song Bird the Battle of Bug World.

All Kids received a story starter kit, a bookmark and a Song Bird stamp. PHOTO: Maria Parenti-Baldey

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Maria Parenti-Baldey, Danielle Freeland and Vivian McDermott for coming along to support my workshop.

Now, over to you…

 Do these writing tips resonate with you?

What writing tips would you like to share?

Please comment below, LIKE, Tweet, Google or Instagram 🙂

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6 comments to Writing Workshops for Children

  • Steve tyrrell

    Another fun day today, always amazed with the creative minds of budding new authors . Karen did a fantastic job engaging and teaching the kids how to plan create and write a superhero story. Once they realised that rules were flexible their minds overflowed with incredible ideas.

  • Thanks Steve for working SO hard today, helping kids write their SUPERHERO stories. They loved your quirky style of humor.
    Love working with you as my superhero partner … Hugs, Karen x

  • Fabulous. Saw the kids get stuck into writing their superhero story. So good.

  • Thanks Maria for coming along to check out my Superhero Writing Workshop. Thanks too, for the magnificent photos that you snapped. Much appreciated … Karen 🙂

  • Vivian McDermott

    Fun-filled workshop, that has really helped my grandson to discuss his feelings about bullies.

  • Hi Vivian,
    Thanks so much for bringing your grand-kids along to my Superhero Writing Workshop.
    Thrilled my workshop was able to help your grandson discuss his feelings on Bullies.
    Karen 🙂

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