Writer Burnout How I Stopped It


Writer Burnout !!! Today I planned to announce a HUGE Writing project … which would have instigated Writer Burnout. Luckily, my writing buddies and family saved me, begging me to take time-out.

WHY? … For a month, I’ve thrown myself into a relentless schedule of events surrounding the launch of my children’s FUN space adventure Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra.

Terra PROMO 1 174 KBLaunching my new release, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra was thrilling but exhausting.  A whirlwind launch at Logan North library, an Amazon release, and six book signings at Riverbend and Dymocks stores.  My next one at Dymocks Chermside June 11.This grueling schedule was followed with an online Blog Tour. Phew! …  I’m exhausted thinking about it.

I always keep a smile on my face regardless of the techno gremlins tormenting me in the background.

My resilience and patience has been tested of late with technological difficulties:-

  • An alleged computer virus
  • Facebook glitches resulted in my inability to post photos and “share”
  • Amazon didn’t release my book on the agreed date
  • Issues with my new book being “temporarily out of stock” … What the!!

My stress levels back-flipped and spiraled.

The beginning of stress was tightening and weighing down my shoulders. I could see the black chasm of Writer Burnout.

 Writer Burnout

Thankfully, with the help of family and friends everything is now sorted out and working PURR-fectly. Jo-Kin is available online and in book shops. Thank you Universe 🙂 🙂

 Writer Burnout

As a writer, I’m extremely driven and motivated.  I could happily work 10 hours a day writing and speaking at events … But should I?

For my mental health, I’m taking time out to write, to spend more time with my family and exercise every day. I can’t wait to return to Mount Tambourine Rainforest for my Sunday hike, my Mental Health rejuvenation day.

 Writer Burnout

Me rejuvenating at Mount Tamborine

    How to STOP Writer Burnout

  1. Listen closely to your writer friends and family. Ask for their advice and take it.
  2. Pace yourself with events and deadlines. Give yourself downtime between events.
  3. Look at the BIG picture of your writing and the project you working on. Remind yourself that your health comes first- remember Balance and Mind Body Spirit.
  4. Plan your launch and events well in advance. Plan downtime too. Not back to back events.
  5. Accept that life: you, people, computers, and online networks aren’t perfect. Cut yourself and others a bit of slack.
  6. Pay attention to detail when filling in online forms, especially anything to do with release dates. Your release date should be at least two weeks before the actual launch date, allowing time to fix any techno glitches. This small error had triggered some unforeseen techno problems listed above.
  7. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Use humor to empower yourself to lower your stress levels.
  8. Ground yourself in nature. Everyday take time out to commune with nature. Take a brisk walk in the sunshine. Feed the birds. Play with your pet. Take slow deep breaths in the fresh air.
  9. Live totally in the moment. Enjoy your writer’s journey. Savour every new experience. Greet new people. Warm yourself with their smiles and laughter.
  10. Celebrate every success, no matter how small it is. Congratulate yourself on every milestone.  🙂

Celebrate every success!!

Celebrate every success!!


I’ve completed my empowering NEW novel for girls, based on my personal story … I’ll announce it properly at a later date after I regain my energy.

Today I sent it to my Editor. Please stay tuned. 🙂

Have you ever experienced Writer Burnout?

How did you restore yourself?

Can you please comment, share, LIKE, Tweet or Google +


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4 comments to Writer Burnout How I Stopped It

  • Kate

    So true Karen , similar feelings when I’m decorating a complicated cake, I believe we all need a timeout

  • Hi Kate,
    Burnout can happen to anyone at anytime. Its all about keeping your life in balance to avoid it.
    When I’m organizing events, I must remember to schedule downtime as well.
    Thanks for dropping in… Karen x

  • Ali

    Good job listening to your body and your support network, Karen! I agree with so many of the things you say here. Good planning is paramount, as is being committed to self-care. Cutting yourself some slack makes it easier to cut some slack for others. Being gracious and relaxed is a better, healthier way to live. And I couldn’t agree more about the sense of humour. My husband is so good at this. When I’m ‘getting grim,’ he lightens things up by being a goofball. Writing (and life in general) should be fun! If it’s not, it’s time to smell the roses, surround yourself with greenery, and feel the earth beneath the soles of your feet.
    Take care, dear friend! Put your feet up and read someone else’s book just for fun.

  • Hi Alison,
    Tears are rolling down my cheek as I read your comment.
    You have no idea what your support, advice and friendship means to me. You are my ‘literary’ lifeline to the outside world.
    Thanks again for offering these gorgeous morsels of advice.
    “it’s time to smell the roses, surround yourself with greenery, and feel the earth beneath the soles of your feet.”

    YES!! I’m off to find a funny book to read outside in the fresh air… in bare feet. Hugs Karen xx

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