Write Idea: Author publishes a Memoir of Madness

karen-tyrrell-best-457-kbToday I discovered my smiling photo and story pitch staring back at me on the front page of The Reporter newspaper. I couldn’t stop giggling. I had finally made the headlines …

“Write Idea: Author publishes a Memoir of Madness.”

I quickly scrambled to page 38 in the EVENTS section to find the rest of my story, titled

“Logan writer proud to publish her first book.”

Ashleigh Howarth, journalist with The Reporter newspaper interviewed me last week about my upcoming book launch at Logan North Library on May 1st at 6pm. Mayor Pam Parker is the Guest speaker.

Asheleigh describes ME & HER: Memoir of Madness as an …

“An emotional tale of overcoming the barriers associated with mental illness”.

Ashleigh quotes me … “But my story is a story of hope, a story of recovery and how I overcame my issues … me-and-her-ecover-promo-3dstanding2Many people don’t understand mental illness, so I wanted to share my story so everyone can have a greater understanding of how it can happen to anyone … We are all vulnerable.”

Check out the FULL Story …

WOOHOO! I can’t believe it … My story and pic appears first when you open this link!

http://www.thereporter.com.au/ Please return here to share your feedback.

Think about all the BAD PRESS Bipolar Disorder gets … ie Matthew Newton, Brittany Spears!

When was the last time you read a POSITIVE story about mental illness?

Can reading my memoir lead to greater understanding of mental illness?

Can you please *share* this VIP News of Hope & recovery?

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12 comments to Write Idea: Author publishes a Memoir of Madness

  • Steph L

    I like the quote about it being a story of hope and recovery (as well as mental illness)

  • Thanks Steph, I was happy they reported my personal story in such a positive way. I did let loose in the interview and confided too much personal information I asked Ashleigh NOT to print it. and she didn’t.

  • So cool Karen! Great that they reported in a positive way. You deserve all the success sure to come, Dale

  • Thanks so much Dale. I was truly shocked they reported my story in such a positive way. Credits to The Reporter 🙂

  • Best of luck at the launch, Karen. The book’s looking good!

  • Thanks Sally, for you good luck wishes. and for your awesome help editing and proof reading my book. I couldn’t have done this without you!!

  • NICE! Still love that cover too. Real standout Karen. 😀

  • Thanks Dimity,
    So glad you like my newspaper story!
    Thanks too for your “stand out ‘ comment about my book cover too!
    Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • That’s fabulous, Karen. I’d love to make the launch but I can’t guarantee that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know the attendees will.

    You were lucky with your reporter – they are often good at twisting your words into something you didn’t mean, or printing something as a headline that you told them in confidence.

  • Thanks Peter, for your fabulous support. I’d love to see you at Black Cat if you can make it.
    Yes, you’re right about news papers generally printing what you “don’t want” … I was so lucky with The Reporter.

  • Brilliant news Karen. Sorry I’m late getting to respond – but I AM following it all closely.

    This is great publicity and well deserved. I hope it’s a huge success – all of it: the launch and the sales.

    Hugs. x

  • Thanks Kaz, I really appreciate you dropping by, knowing how busy you are with all you “DEAD ACTUALLY” events.
    Thanks for all your support 🙂

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