*LIVE* Radio Interview. ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness #GIVEWAYS

radio-101fm-logo-250Radio 101 FM Brisbane interviewed me on the story behind ME & HER: a Memoir of Madnesson Tuesday 24th April at 11.40 am EST.  Athol Woodford (WOODY) quizzed me with probing questions, to uncover the truth.

Listeners tuning in, had the chance to win one of #2 *FREE* copies of my gutsy memoir.

How to Prepare for a *LIVE* Radio Interview

1)    Print out notes with dates & places to help prompt your answers

2)    Read through your notes SLOWLY, making pauses … Have a practice run

3)    Visualize yourself going through the interview on a brisk meditative morning walk

4)    Arrive early with your notes, camera, and your *FREE* books and a big SMILE. A happy grin will inject lay-back ‘easiness’ into your voice. 

5)    Remember to Breathe!

Can’t wait till tomorrow!

Woody hosts the Morning Magazine program on Tuesdays from 9am to 12 noon. Please tune in at 11.40 pm for my exciting *LIVE* studio interview then return here to share your reactions. I really appreciate your personal feedback.

me-and-her-ecover-promo-3dstanding1Wish me a load of luck!

Please send soothing vibrations ))) to keep my voice calm, my breathing slow and my thoughts positive.
Good luck with the GIVEWAY competition. I’ll announce the winners here ASAP.

… Who tuned in on Tuesday at 11.40am?

What did you think?

Who won the #2 *FREE* copies of ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness?


I’m pleased to announce Allanah and Julie won.

** See you at my Logan North book launch on the 1st May at 6pm! Please call 3412 4140 to reserve a seat.

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5 comments to *LIVE* Radio Interview. ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness #GIVEWAYS

  • Simone

    Sooooo many positive and soothing vibrations being sent your way!!!

    I’m so excited for you! So many years’ of work and you’re finally able to see the summit of the mountain! You’re almost there!


  • Hi Simone,
    Thanks again for your awesome support and encouragement.
    Love those soothing vibrations you’re sending.
    Hope to see you at my book launch on the 1st of May 🙂

  • My sister is an experienced ABC Radio presenter. Her advice: The secret is to have 3 keys messages you want to convey during the interview AND, no matter what you’re asked, make sure your 3 messages get across in the time frame.

    One of your messages would of course be the details of the launch.

    Have fun in the interview!

  • Thanks Angela, great advice!
    What are my#2 key messages??
    1. Mental illness is like any other illness … it has symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & recovery.
    2. Mayor Pam Parker launches my book at Logan North library on the 1st of May.
    I’ll have to think about the third one 🙂

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