SQUEEE! … ME AND HER will be Published in 2012!

2012WOOHOO!  Happy New Year 2012!

I’m cracking open the champers! Snoopy dancing on the ceiling with my suction boots on! … I’m so excited, I could burst.

I will finally see my gutsy memoir in print and share my story of hope with the world.

I’m proud to announce … ‘ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness’ will be published in May, 2012.

ME AND HER chronicles how parents repeatedly harassed a teacher to breaking point and Beyond. It exposes her psychic relationship with her psychologist and how Karen Tyrrell clawed her way back from insanity.’

You, my followers gave me the courage, spurning me on to take ME AND HERs publishing future into my own hands.

~ The best way to predict the Future is to Create it ~

Many thanks to Simon Groth of Queensland Writers Centre, Manager of if: books Australia for his wisdom and advice on digital publishing. http://www.futureofthebook.org.au/

A special thanks to Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Cafe for offering his professional guidance and collaboration, supporting my venture to independently self publish ME AND HER. http://www.bookcovercafe.com/

This week was my Pro-active Week! … ACTION TIME!! ♥

After much research and advice, I developed a twenty-seven page step-by-step action plan to ensure ME AND HER ‘s publishing success at every stage.
A launch date is now locked in! ME AND HER will launched on the 1st of May, 2012 at Logan North Library, Brisbane.

That date is confirmed. My memoir will be advertised widely through Logan Libraries networks and via their printed brochure, reaching out to thousands.
I’m investigating other venues for co-launches and book signings. Please stay tuned for more announcements.

Thanks for your awesome encouragement, supporting my unique memoir.

Please put ME AND HER in capitals in your diary for 6 pm on the 1st May, 2012. Hope you can join me there!

Wishing you an Awesome 2012 : The Year of Adventure !!

What are your pro-active plans for 2012?

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