How to Nurture the Writer Within in 2012

photo-divine-blogHow do we start 2012 with pure Creative Writing energy?

Enthused, motivated and  Refreshed? … Ready to create stories that jump off the page?

How do we keep the creative channels forever flowing?

Cuddle up with our muse?…  Prevent writers burn out?…  And maybe dissolve writers block?

Here’s the Answer!

Immerse ourselves in a life changing book … The Artists Way, a spiritual path in discovering higher creativity by Julia Cameron.

What #10 Top Habits Nurture the Inner Writer?

•    commence your day with free stream of consciousness writing. Pen-write what’s on your mind. Scrawl quickly without pausing or editing.

•    set up a daily routine, make a plan eg write creatively first, non-fiction second.

•    cherish your inner-child, express your child-like hopes and yearnings, your true emotions.

•    write with passion every single day of the week.

•    allow your thoughts to wander and freely associate with new ideas, new possibilities.

•    meditate daily to increase your creativity… Einstein did!

•    be guided by your intuition. Trust your gut feelings.

•    experience life as it happens with your friends and family. Relax, socialize and exercise.

•    vow a Self-Love pledge, promising to live the healthiest life that you can. Promising to believe in yourself and in your talents.
•    bolster your confidence, by ticking off a daily achievable check list.

My Goal for 2012 is to Create my own future as an Author.

~ The best way to Predict the future … is to create it. ~ Peter Drucker

I need to be as grounded as possible to be as creative as I can be. The responsibility is totally mine to be imaginative, embrace new concepts and be pro-active.

How do  YOU nurture your Writer within?

How do YOU make sure you’re cherishing yourself … physically, mentally, socially and emotionally?

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22 comments to How to Nurture the Writer Within in 2012

  • I probably don’t do as much of this as I should. Good ideas, here.

  • Hi Greta, I’ve just finished reading “THE ARTISTS WAY.”This book had a profound effect on my thinking. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves with Goals. When we take the pressure off… It frees us up.

  • Heather Golding

    There are some really great ideas here Karen, some of which I already do, but others I should really consider applying to my own writing.

  • Thanks so much Heather, I really recommend reading “The Artists Way” … a transforming book for anyone with creative pursuits..

  • Zoe Faris

    I will try some of these. I like the stream of consciousness idea.

  • Steph L

    my pen writing is so bad that even I can’t read it afterwards!

  • Rebecca

    Great writing tips Karen! In fact, great tips for general life – creativity is missing in most people’s busy life. Meditation is something most of us (me included) just don’t do enough of!

  • Thanks Zoe for dropping in. You’ll love writing via the Stream of Consciousness. Frees up your thinking so you’re ready to write your stories.

  • Hi Steph, It doesn’t matter if you can’t read your pen writing … Stream of Consciousness writing is more to free up your thoughts and emotions, ready for your story writing.

  • Thanks Rebecca,
    So glad you liked my Writing tips … You’re Right ! Most of those tips you can apply to living your Best Life!

  • Thank you Karen, many of us know all these points already, but the secret question is, do we actually put it into play? I haven’t read The Artist Way YET! The wonderful thing about these type of books is the motivation aspect … we need a kick along from time-to-time. Like Rebecca, my thoughts were, “yes, this is advice for life in general.”
    Love and appreciation for all you do to reach out to the writing community Karen. XO

  • Thanks Dawn, for dropping by. Early January, I usually write about Writing Goals for the new year. This time I decided to write about the flipside — Creativity and Spontaneity. Reminding us to be balanced and kind to ourselves 🙂

  • Art Antonious

    Thank you Karen, I appreciate the the above suggestions for they are certainly excellent tips to allow free and beautiful ideas to flow into expressive and meaningful writings. I certainly need all the help I can get to develop and reawaken my sleepy creative side after many years of being heavily involved in writing and interpreting convoluted tax legislation.

  • Hi Art, I know you want to awaken your creative side! Best way is to begin with … Stream of consciousness writing … Write down whatevers on your mind.

  • Thanks Karen for sharing your writing goals for 2012. I’ve heard about the book, ‘The Artist Way.’ I must get it.

  • Karen, great points you make from the book, however for many people (myself included) it’s a little “woo woo” or out there and more grounded practical steps are required. Yes we all need some elements mentioned but I am far from having to cherish my “inner child” to get my writing accomplished.

    For those of us more grounded in our approach can I suggest one of the best reads you will do as a creative person (in any endeavor) is “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield (also in kindle version) and his powerful followup: Do The Work.

  • Thanks Renee, These writing habits aren’t actually my goals but more of a way to increase my creative output. The Artists Way explains alternate ways of tapping into your creativity.

  • Thanks Mark, for dropping by. ‘Cherishing the inner child’ is more of a way to get in-tune with your true emotions, so your writing is “real”. I appreciate your comments from your point of view and experience. We all have different ways of ‘digging’ into our creativity. Thanks for the book recommendation too.

  • Thanks Ang & Blue Dingo for Featuring my tips in your BLOG.

  • I think as adults we lose that child like ability to just let it flow and to be uninhibited. We continuously and sometimes unconsciously censor things to ‘fit’ the norm or the expected rather than allowing our creativity to flow without judgement. Once it is all down on paper is the time to go back over it. Some great suggestions Karen. Thank you.

  • Thanks Sonja for adding your insightful perspective. I agree! As writers, we must free up our creativity, to firstly express ourselves unrestricted, before we edit 🙂

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