Shh! The Birthday Fairy is Listening …

The birthday fairy and the publishing pixies are now working in cahoots …
Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, anticipating what 2011 might bring.
I squeezed my eyes shut, snuffed out my candles and wished with all my might … that my # number one birthday wish would become reality …

To publish ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness… Josh and the It


SURPRISE! (freedigitalphotosnet)

My email inbox has transformed into a birthday surprise gift box.
Each time I click to open, it’s with a shiver of anticipation and terror.
Last night when I returned home from my celebrations I trembled as I checked my emails to discover fresh developments … the birthday fairy is listening.

Those publishing pixies have been hard at work too
Over the past two weeks, interest in my manuscripts has climaxed with unexpected queries and opportunities, coming from across the world
… All tempting propositions.
One publisher promised to self-publish ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness at a ridiculous cut-price rate.
Was I mad to reject his offer? …

I’m employing my gut instincts to hold out for the right one.

Queensland Flood Disaster
My celebrations and excitement are bittersweet as I watch the suffering of my fellow Queenslanders as they rebuild their lives.
I’m so lucky to be counted in the 25% of Queensland without flood damage.
My heart wrenches for all those who have endured loss and I search ways I can assist.

100 Stories for Queensland
On my birthday, I donated a heart-felt fantasy short story to the 100 Stories for Queensland anthology.
100% of the sales profit will be donated to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief.
The anthology will be available in digital and print form by early March.

Queensland Flood Appeal … Authors for Queensland

Calling all memoir writers and Kids Sci-Fi writers …
I’ve donated a personal Critique for Auction …either two chapters of a memoir OR three chapters of a kids sci-fi novel.
You can bid on writing services and books signed by author too.
Please place a bid before Monday 24th January.

A Birthday Thanks …
Yesterday your warm birthday wishes flooded my Facebook pages and emails.
You overwhelmed me with your kind good luck wishes for my publishing success :))
A sincere thank you :))

Two Final Requests …
If you have any influence in the fairy realm, please reiterate my deepest desires to the birthday fairy and the publishing pixies.

Meanwhile please help me … what’s the cure for nail biting nerves and excitability?

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10 comments to Shh! The Birthday Fairy is Listening …

  • Graham

    Happy Birthday for yesterday. I reckon you did the right thing by rejecting the self-publishing option.


  • Elaine

    The cure is to write something new. You can’t bite you nails while you are typing (or writing with a pen) and you will be so lost in your new story you won’t notice the passage of time.

  • Thanks Graham for the birthday wishes.
    The Self- Publisher was very persistent, convincing and tempting, saying he could arrange things pretty quickly.
    Sometimes we have to go with our gut. Karen :))

  • Hi Elaine,
    During the day, I’m fine … fully absorbed in my present writing project, Josh vs Lord Terra. Its just the waking up at 4 am to check my emails or arriving home late to find unsettling / exciting opportunties. LOL.

  • Hope you had a wonderful birthday Karen! I will have a chat with the birthday fairy and publishing pixies and see what they can do. There is so much excitement around you at the moment. Sometimes running up a hill, jumping on a trampoline, or swimming laps can relieve some of that excitable tension. Dance like no one’s watching!
    Renee 🙂

  • Thanks Renee. Its been an amazing, nerve wracking Roller Coaster ride these past two weeks. Think I’ll try some of your exercise relievers. Might go on a hill climb soon :))

  • Tab

    Self-publishing offers are not really offers of publishing. They are business deals in which you pay for a service. The service being your writing in print. It’s not necessarily a wrong or bad option, but if you want a traditional publishing contract then I’d stay clear of self-publishing companies and don’t send them your work. I’d think just about any self-publishing company would ‘offer’ to publish anyone because after all the writer is the one paying for it. At the end of the day they aren’t responsible for recouping any monies on the book cause the writer pays up front.
    If you do have traditional publishing houses requesting your work then I’d send an email to that agent you said was considering representing your book and let her know. I’d think that would be information she’d be interested in.
    All the very best with everything.

  • Hi Tab,
    The “self publisher” left enticing messages everywhere for a week. It wasn’t until I asked him what his offer was, that I found out he was a self-publisher … I didn’t send my manuscript.
    I do have main stream publishers interested but I won’t reveal details yet. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I can.
    Thanks for your advice and support. Good luck with your memoir too. Karen :))

  • Lexie Mitchell

    I agree. You are right about ignoring the self publishing offer. It’s the marketing that counts, and that doesn’t seem to happen with self publishing. Gut instincts are pretty reliable.


  • Hi Lexie, Thanks for your comment. I’m aiming high with the main stream market :))

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