Seven Steps to Solving your Writing Dilemmas


Ever been stuck in a hard place with your story? … Too paralysed to go forward? … Too petrified to delete or go back?

Maybe you don’t know where your plot’s going? … Or your plot’s not working hard enough? … Or perhaps the reader is not identifying with or caring about […]

Shh! The Birthday Fairy is Listening …

The birthday fairy and the publishing pixies are now working in cahoots … Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, anticipating what 2011 might bring. I squeezed my eyes shut, snuffed out my candles and wished with all my might … that my # number one birthday wish would become reality …

To publish … ME AND […]

Josh and the It … Goes to School

Josh and the It launched with a test run today, firing up with an enthusiastic bunch of Year Fivers. They laughed, giggled, clapped and cheered as Josh and the Space Kids learnt how teamwork can fight off those nasty Space Monsters and save the Galaxy.

My Kid’s Sci-Fi adventure story blasted off at a local […]