Pool your Creative Energy for Queensland Flood Relief

I’ve rewritten my original BLOG with the Queensland Flood Disaster in mind …

My Blog is about CREATIVITY

I’m tapping into the right side of my brain, boosting my creativity, utilizing this FREE resource.
Creativity is the  spark that pulsates within me, permeating my mind with fresh ideas when I’m least expecting.

‘Imagination is the living power and prime agent of all Human Perception.’

Everyone can learn to enhance their creativity by training their creative powers for success.

#10  Super Creativity Boosters

  • Brainstorm solutions. Think …WHAT IF? …WHY?   
  • Feel your way through a ‘problem’ with your intuition … and visualize the solution
  • THINK with confidence … I can …I will … Put your ideas into practice
  • Stimulate the brain with mind games and puzzles … employ lateral thinking   
  • Let your mind ‘wander’ … Follow your curiosity
  • Multi-task ─ helps to cross fertilize projects  
  • Scribble down your dreams on waking. Take a notebook wherever you go to jot down ideas.
  • Walk briskly every morning percolating new ideas
  • Meditate every day… Einstein did.  Meditation helps to connect both sides of the brain
  • Digest brain foods like nuts and Fish Oil.

**I dedicate this Blog to finding Creative Solutions to The Queensland Flood Disaster of 2011 **

I urge  a creative pool of thinkers, planners and doers to instigate practical ways on how to raise funds for rebuilding Queensland.

One simple thing you can do …

Writers, I urge you to donate a  short story  to ‘100 Stories for Queensland’  anthology … All proceeds will aid Recovery. http://100storiesforqueensland.submishmash.com/Submit

Please pool your creative  energy for Queensland … What can you do?


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6 comments to Pool your Creative Energy for Queensland Flood Relief

  • Debbie

    Great ideas Karen. These strategies could apply to any creative outlet…The Arts, design, music, science and even hobbies.

  • Thanks Debbie,
    I’ve researched Creativity this week, searching for proven strategies. Funny enough, I already use many of these myself and I intend to incorporate all of them:))

  • E.M Urge

    Karen, remember what Albert Einstein said. “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

  • This quote is open to interpretation … But I acknowledge no idea is entirely original and every new idea is a conglomeration of past experiences, past knowledge and readings and universal truths. Creativity is transforming an old idea into a new way.

  • Hi Karen,
    Thank you so much for linking through to 100 Stories for Queensland. I still haven’t quite got my head around it all… believeing we’re in the same league now as Haiti and Pakistan (which the first two charity anthologies were in aid of)

    I totally agree with those ten ideas for creative solution finding. My other favourite is ‘work with others’. None of the projects I’m involved with would never had found their feet without the sharing (brain storming) of others. There were five of us on skype this morning,in three different countries, all contributing ideas on how to do 100 Stories for Queensland and before we’re done, more than 20 volunteer editors (not to mention the authors who contribute stories) will have assisted in gettin the idea to a paperback and eBook.

    I’m definitely looking forward to a long walk in the near future… I had to suffice with a float in the pool between sessions at the computer.

    Thanks again…

  • Hi Jodi,
    I’m so glad I rewrote my original BLOG after reading your fabulous idea to aid The Queensland Flood Relief with your anthologies of stories. You inspired me :))
    I totally agree with the importance of working with others … combining the creative energy of a team.
    Good luck with your project. I plan to submit a story too :)) … I hope you take that walk soon :))

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