TV Interview How did my Manic Psychotic BRAIN Recover?

Richard Hill of MindScience TV probed my mind to find out how parent-teacher bullying led to my mental breakdown, turning into Madness and Mania … and later RECOVERY.

My books, Me & Her: A Memoir Of Madness and Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery are highlighted in this interview.

Richard Hill, psychotherapist explains my […]

Pool your Creative Energy for Queensland Flood Relief

I’ve rewritten my original BLOG with the Queensland Flood Disaster in mind …

My Blog is about CREATIVITY…

I’m tapping into the right side of my brain, boosting my creativity, utilizing this FREE resource. Creativity is the spark that pulsates within me, permeating my mind with fresh ideas when I’m least expecting.

‘Imagination is the […]

Why I wrote Me and Her?

‘Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness’ … After parents harass me at school, I reach breaking point and my Personality and Mood begins to change. The true events surrounding my mental breakdown are stranger than any fiction novel you might read.

In the beginning severe anxiety and insomnia stretching over a year changed my […]