How to Organize a Writer’s Festival

WooHoo! I’ve unleashed Stage One planning for Logan Writers Week, 2011.

Ever considered organizing a community event or a writer’s festival? … First seek expertise, support and advice … Plan in graduated steps.

Logan Writers Week Committee
Jodi  Cleghorn, Stephanie Azri, Peter Garbett, Cate Black and I formed a steering committee dedicated to making Logan Writers Week a success. This week the committee convened to consider dates, venues, key note speakers and how to finance the festival. Today I discussed these agenda items with the new Logan Libraries Programmer, Rowena Wilmott.

Our  LOGO... Logan Water Tower

Our LOGO... Logan Water Tower

Community Event
We’ve adopted Logan’s well known landmark … the  Logan water tower as Logan Writers Week’s logo. We’re seeking partnerships with Queensland Writers Centre,  Brisbane publishers, writing groups and associations, Logan City Council, Logan business and Angus and Robertson bookstore, Hyperdome.

Dates and Venues
Logan Writers Week will run from 13th to 16th of October in alignment with Queensland Writers Week. Logan City Libraries will present workshops, author talks and writer panels and the EXPO on Sunday 16th will showcase Logan’s literary talent It be held at a mega community venue … WATCH THIS SPACE.

Financing the Festival

I’m applying for a Logan City Events and Festival Grant so that Logan Writers Week can be a FREE event for writers and readers alike. I’m seeking donations and sponsors from within the Logan community. I’ll be utilizing the existing infrastructure of Logan City Libraries.

What’s Next?
•   Incorporate Logan Writers Week into an INC association. I’m investigating ways to transition this change smoothly.
•    Set up a dedicated website to Logan Writers Week …Thanks to Jodi Cleghorn for volunteering. Website TBA.
•    Choose popular and compelling key-note speakers who will draw in the public.
•    Plot the next steps of Logan Writers Week. We’ll be discussing and considering presenters, publicity, writing competitions and a whole lot more.

Thanks to everyone who’s offered their expertise and enthusiastic support for this venture.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on Logan Writers Week , please let me know ASAP.

I would love to hear what you have to say :))

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