Josh and the It # Take 2

He, she and It.

YAY! I’ve amped JOSH AND THE IT to the MAX, completing a much improved version.

Last October an International Publisher requested JOSH AND THE IT, Book 1 of the Super Space Kids Series, and now she’s considering it for publication … incredible but true.

Why did I rewrite JOSH AND THE IT?

Last November I began creating Book 2, Josh vs. Lord Terra, part of the NaNoWriMo writing challenge. I completed the first draft in two weeks then I began the second draft in earnest.

As I scribbled and typed the third draft of Book 2, niggling notions spun round in my head. New plot sequences and character developments for Book 1 dominated my thoughts, inspiring me to rewrite JOSH AND THE IT. These ideas wouldn’t let me go.

How did I rewrite Josh and the It?

  • Jotted down all new possibilities.
  • Amped my voice throughout the story expressed through Josh’s thoughts.
  • Researched new scenarios
  • Checked through every chapter summary, searching for ways to improve my story
  • Verified individual character tags were consistent through both books.
  • Double checked every chapter of Josh and the It had a strong beginning and end, hooking the reader in.
  • Raised the stakes to the highest level.
  • Added MORE humour, MORE adventure, MORE food scenes that kids love.

What next?

I emailed the publisher, requesting if I could send my new amped up version.

Guess what she said?

YAY! Within ten minutes she replied, thanking me for my update and requesting the new version …What a positive response!

Woohoo! I’m in with a chance .

I’m hoping this wave of interest will carry ‘ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness’ to its home … Fingers crossed xx

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