Radio Show ME & HER A Memoir of Madness

Radio presenter and relationship expert , Sally Chester-Law will interview me, Karen Tyrrell, on the story behind my  personal memoir, ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness on her Sunday night program.

She’ll focus on my experiences with long-term workplace harassment leading to my decline and disintegration into mental illness… and HOW I recovered.

ME & HER: a Memoir Of Madness narrates my personal expose: a Brisbane teachers saga of Madness, Mayhem & Mania after parents of my primary-school student unleashed terror and abuse upon me.

Sally Chester-Law, a former Life Line telephone counselor broadcasts the Good Relations show, interviewing guests on all types of relationships.

She has interviewed Allan Pease (body language expert), a sex therapist and a dating expert to name a few.

She has a reputation for uncovering the truth. Can I really reveal all to her listeners?

I’ve come so far on my journey of recovery and reclaiming my life.

In 2012, ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness, won finalist in the mental health achievement awards, achieving over #30 *5 STAR* reviews.

Read the first #20 gritty pages of ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness.

Do you want to read more?

Please put this Sunday night 20th January 10pm in your diary and on your calendar IN CAPITALS. Please tune into Brisbane radio 4BC 1116 AM and join the conversation.

Please share, telling your friends about this rare opportunity to gain insight into the manic mind.

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Will you be tuning in 4BC 1116 AM on Sunday night at 10 pm?

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LOVE to know what you think of ME & HER and my experiences.

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5 comments to Radio Show ME & HER A Memoir of Madness

  • Wouhou….I like the way you write your entries and make it “flash news’….Congratulations

  • Thanks Stephanie, Its a been a BIG week with your book launch and media interviews. Doing my utmost to promote mental health, recovery and HOPE… Karen 🙂 PS I hope I inspire you to start your own interactive blog 🙂

  • Sally Chester-Law

    Hi Karen,

    I’m humbled by your exceptionally kind comments, and am honoured to be able to share your inspirational story on my 4BC ‘Good Relations’ program this coming Sunday night.

    Must clarify though, as I’m not currently registered with the Australian Psychological Society Board, I’m not officially a ‘psychologist’ right now. Rather just a person who has a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) degree, with a deferred Doctorate of Psychology. (The Powers-That-Be get antsy if you call yourself a Psych without the necessary paperwork!)

    Kindest regards,


  • Hi Sally, thanks for dropping by with clarification of what is a “psychologist”. I will edit this blog .

    Really looking forward to the interview on Sunday night… But Please be kind … Karen 🙂

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