My Mental Health picture book COVER has arrived!!

SQUEE! I’ve given Birth to a brand new Picture Book baby!  My mental health picture book  for KIDS is close to my heart . I’m so excited I could burst!

After months of working with an illustrator and a cover designer, the final COVER arrived in my INBOX today.

My fingers trembled as I opened the email with a picture attachment.

Why is this picture book SO important to me?

Writing mental health books for grown-ups and children is my #1 passion.

My two memoirs, Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness and Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery …

Reveal my VICTORY over parent-teacher abuse and mental illness. My self-help books empower grown-ups with Recovery, Resilience and wellness skills.

Now my dream is to return to schools as an author- teacher to empower children and their families.

DRUM-ROLL: Cover Reveal!!!

Bailey Beats the BLAH

Helping Kids Cope with Sad days.

Special Congrats to my Dream Team …

Thanks to Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Café for designing this eye-catching cover. Just LOVE his clever choice of colours, fonts and cover composition.

Thanks to multi-talented illustrator Aaron Pocock for creating characters and pictures to pull our heart strings, conveying empathy and HOPE.

What do you think of the COVER ?

Will the cover stand out on the BOOK shelf?

Does the front cover entice you to take a peek inside?

I’m nibbling my finger-nails and toe-tails here …Please let me know!!!

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37 comments to My Mental Health picture book COVER has arrived!!

  • Alison Stegert

    Looks great! Now I want to see inside! Congrats, Karen

  • Thanks so much Alison, The exact way I wanted you to respond … Karen 🙂 PS Feeling so much better now after the BIRTH !

  • Awesome! I love Aaron’s work. Congratulations Karen! All the best with the book.

  • Art Antonious

    WOW!!! Congrats Karen. This is indeed exciting news! Love the picture book cover! A fantastic resource to help young children to understand & cope with low moods & difficult days!

  • Thanks Robert, for checking out my new book cover! YES, I LOVE Aarons brilliant work too. I just had to have him illustrate my book 🙂

  • Heather Golding

    Awesome book cover Karen… in fact, its “eye-catching” ~ well done! Congratulations xx 🙂

  • Thanks Art, for sharing the celebration of my new book cover. This book means so much to me … to be able to empower children 🙂

  • Thanks so much Heather … Anthony Puttee took Aaron’s Brilliant illustration and transformed it into a very eye-catching cover design. Hugs xx Karen 🙂

  • Looks great Karen – Like the title also

  • Thanks Moana for taking a peek. I LOVE the cover so much too 🙂 PS See you at the next LCWIB meeting

  • Ooh I can not wait to read this for real Karen! And see Aaron’s work. Fantastic. D 😀

  • Thanks Dimity. LOVE your bubbly enthusiasm! Thanks for being a Beta reader and supporting me on this exciting venture … Karen 🙂

  • Looks great Karen – you should indeed be proud and excited. Well done – look forward to the book. xxx

  • Hi Kaz, Thanks so much for coming here with your very generous words. Your support means so much to me. I remember your comment on my first mental health book, ME & HER:A MemoiR Of Madness. “I was totally hooked. It was instant.” And then encouraging me to write more books 🙂

  • Kelly

    I love the cover AND the concept. As a teacher, I would love to hear more about what you are aiming to achieve. The school I work at is in its second year of establishing the Kids Matter Mental Health program and are up to the point of upskilling teachers on how to teach effective social and emotional learning skills. This book would go perfect with what we are trying to achieve!!! Congratulations!

  • Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for getting in touch with me. My aim is to empower children with resilience skills to help them cope with sad days and become more emotionally aware. As a trained teacher, I’ll be providing FREE Teacher Resources and discussion questions when my book is launched. I’ll email you privately with more information … Karen 🙂

  • well don’t Karen, for completing the full set, a trilogy of mental health promotion.
    best wishes

  • Hi Karen,

    The cover looks inviting and eye catching with the illustration, fonts and colours. I look forward to reading it. Best wishes with your new book Suzanne

  • Congrats. Karen. I am blown away by the cover and title. It really works. It definitely caught my attention as it will with everyone else. I can’t wait to read it love. Well done.

  • Thanks so much Ani. I can HEAR the enthusiasm in your Voice. I hope you’ll be able to share my book with your clients and their families .. Karen 🙂

  • Hi Suzanne, Thanks so much for taking a peek and giving the thumbs up. I can’t wait to share my book with you … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Judith for supporting my Mental Health platform for so long … I’m really excited to be taking this book into schools and homes … Karen 🙂

  • Jan Mills

    Hi Karen,
    What an enticing cover – I think it will be difficult for a child to ignore. Congrats to all involved. I look forward to seeing the completed book. Your passion to help the community deal with this blight on society is commendable.
    I’m barracking for you.
    Jan x

  • Thanks Jan, for coming over to take a look. My mission is to empower children with coping skills to face those Sad days, that everyone experiences sometime in their lives … Karen 🙂

  • Judi

    Your cover design says ‘Buy me’. This is a high interest level pic book with a strong story message that has real life skill values. Congrats Karen.

  • Thanks Judi, for being an awesome Beta reader, #1 supporter and friend. LOVE your enthusiasm for BAILEY. Fingers crossed this book will be all those things and More … Karen 🙂

  • Hi Karen,
    Looks great & cant wait to hear when its available to read, as im thinking this would be perfect for my daughter whom i have alot of troubles with.
    Cant wait, Congrats.

  • Hi Wendy, Thanks for taking a look at “Bailey”. Please stay tuned with announcements with launches and availability .. Karen PS Big Hugs to your daughter xx 🙂

  • Hi Karen
    Love the title and the illustrations. I think it stands out. Well done!

  • Thanks so much Kaye for taking a peek of Bailey Beats the BLAH. Please stay tuned for launch announcements soon 🙂

  • Pam McLellan

    Hi Karen: I am new to your books but I would love to buy a book from you especially this new one “Bailey Beats the Blah” as my 8 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Selective Mutism which has Anxiety factors….could you please let me know the price in Canadian funds and where I can find it….thanks Pam

  • Hi Pam, Thanks so much for contacting me. Bailey beats the BLAH will be available as a print Book on Amazon in October. Please put it in your diary and keep checking. Not sure on the Canadian price. But it will be very reasonable. Sending you and your daughter BIG hugs xx … Karen 🙂 PS Watch out for FREE children’s activities on my website 🙂

  • […] Read MORE about Bailey HERE and HERE […]

  • jan

    i was wondering where i could buy it please. it looks really good to read and i just really want it!!!

  • Hi Jan,
    Thanks for contacting me. Bailey Beats the Blah is now available on Amazon.
    Can you please Leave a review on the Amazon site?
    Your review will encourage others to buy this empowering book for children… Many thanks, Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Wendy,
    for supporting Bailey Beats the Blah.
    Its now available on Amazon with 5 STAR reviews from Teachers & school counselors.

    FREE Teachers Notes FREE kids activities for *Bailey Beats the Blah
    Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Kelly,
    for supporting Bailey Beats the Blah.
    Its now available on Amazon with 5 STAR reviews from Teachers & school counselors.

    FREE Teachers Notes FREE kids activities for *Bailey Beats the Blah
    Karen 🙂
    PS can you please keep in contact and let me know how it goes

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