INTERVIEW: How to Publish a Picture Book +Bookgiveaway

BLAST Off! Claire Chadwick’s innovative picture book, So Many Sounds EXPLODES with a multitude of noises  to delight young children {4yrs plus}.

WELCOME: Claire Chadwick, an Australian author, teacher and MUM to two young children.

So Many Sounds delivers an interactive experience, teaching children sound awareness through reading, listening, singing So Many Sounds Song and completing engrossing activities.

Claire, I’d like to find out HOW you published your picture book…

Karen: Why did you publish So Many Sounds?

Claire: I published So Many Sounds because I knew would be a great resource for teachers and parents.  A professional editor assessed it and she was just as excited about it as me –boosting my confidence to get this book out into the world.

I had sent off several manuscripts to BIG publishing houses and was exhausted with waiting around to hear back from them. When given the power, opportunity and knowledge to publish So Many Sounds; I was not going to let that chance slip.

Karen: How did your picture book develop?

Claire Chadwick

Claire: This book stemmed from a lovely moment shared with my infant son Ryder. As I was hushing him to sleep, singing a few of his favourite lullabies – the idea of a ‘sounds’ story popped into my mind.

The original manuscript came together very quickly, but then the process of editing, re-writing and improving took a couple of months. Overtime the original story changed and bloomed, taking on a different direction, until I was completely happy with it.

Once the manuscript was complete, I found a local illustrator, Trevor Salter who had a wonderful portfolio. Using his drawing talents, he brought So Many Sounds to life with his loveable characters and colourful scenes.

Karen: How did you know So Many Sounds was ready to publish?

Claire: Anthony Puttee from Book Cover Café opened up my eyes to the many opportunities now available in the publishing industry. Under his guidance and mentoring, I began the publishing process of So Many Sounds.

Once my manuscript had been professionally edited, and I had spent many months working on and refining the story – I knew it was ready to reveal to the world. All artists take pride in their work – but there is a special feeling that comes when you produce something from scratch and fully immerse yourself in the process as it blossoms.

I have spent the last six months working full-time on publishing this book and am buzzing with excitement right now.

Karen: What advice do you give to someone who wants to publish their picture book?


  • Go for it! If writing is something you are truly passionate about – never give up.
  • The publishing industry is a hard one to break into, so research all your options – don’t just wait around for a ‘lucky break’.
  • Get a dynamic illustrator! A picture book is nothing without the magic of great illustrations!
Download FREE Parent & Teacher Resource activities and the song. HERE 
You can buy So Many Sounds on Amazon. HERE

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10 comments to INTERVIEW: How to Publish a Picture Book +Bookgiveaway

  • What a brilliant idea! I know a lovely young lady in NZ who is a ‘daughter’ to me, having a cute little boy and expecting her second little angel early January next year. She’s going to LOVE this book. Can’t wait to send it to her. Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi Sanet, Thanks so much for leaving a comment here to win an e-copy of So Many Sounds. Good luck in the competition … Karen 🙂

  • Art Antonious

    A fantastic resource to both teachers & parents! Education & awareness is best line for early detection & prevention of Mental Health issues. Thank you both Claire & Karen for helping out others with your wonderful gift in writing & publishing this awesome book!

  • Thanks Art for leaving a comment here for Claire’s book *So Many Sounds*. Wish you all the best in this give-away competition. Winners announced on July 27th.. Karen 🙂

  • Congratulations, Claire. What a wonderful experience for you and a gorgeous looking book as a result. The book ssssounds great. I can’t wait to read it. Wishing you great success. Thanks for the interview, Karen and Claire. Love and Light, Robyn

  • Thanks Robyn, for supporting Claire’s launch & interview of So Many Sounds. Good luck in the book giveaway competition … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Karen for sharing an insightful interview and congratulations to Claire for producing an exciting resource for both children and teachers. A lot of my creative ideas come from observing my children too. Kudos to you both!

  • Thanks Robert, for coming along to support Claire and her fabulous picture book. Good luck in the competition … Karen 🙂

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