Launching my Pro-active Quest to get ME AND HER Published

me-and-her-postcard-smaller-sizeMwah! Thanks for your unbelievable enthusiasm and support this week, requesting to read ME AND HER. What an incredible response! … Emails, comments and messages flooded in from everywhere.

With my heart hammering in my chest, I’m announcing my kick-ass quest to raise the profile of ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness. I’m seeking wide support and interest on my personal account of my struggle and victory over Bipolar Disorder.

ME AND HER is my gutsy story, sharing my journey into mental illness, and out through the other side into recovery and forgiveness.

She’s my precious baby. My very first book. My first initiation into the world of writing.

ME AND HER is responsible for my catharsis. More than anything, I want this book published to raise awareness of mental health recovery.

Behind the scenes I’ve researched and developed a ME AND HER package which I hope will be irresistible to a publisher …

Revised version of ME AND HER.

Firstly, I’ve raised the publishing standard of ME AND HER to the very highest it can be. Over the past month, I added an up-to-date Author’s Note/ Epilogue sharing my insights and role as a mental health advocate in 2011. I amped my manuscript to the max, substituting stronger nouns and verbs, and I rewrote phrases and sentences with further insight and clarity. I’ve removed repetitions and improved the manuscript formatting.

Revised Opening #2 Pages to ME AND HER … *FREE*

On 25th September I launched my NEW dramatic opening page to ME AND HER. Thanks so much for your comments and overwhelming response, begging ‘I want more’ …

On 5 th October I launched my NEWLY revised Page 2 …

Book Proposal

I’ve developed a kick-ass book proposal, detailing a pro-active marketing plan and strategies to promote ME AND HER.

ME AND HER Newsletter

Last week I sent out the mental health September newsletter announcing my life story published in a magazine and my role as facilitator to the Life Writing program in Brisbane, Australia.

Public Speaker for SANE Australia

I’m proud to announce I’m officially a speaker for the SANE Australia speaker program. I eagerly await delivering my first oral presentation as their representative.

eXciting NEWS

Yesterday I mailed off ME AND HER, my narrative non-fiction to a writing competition, hoping to win a prize or a short-listing. Fingers crossed.

Would you like to read the next dramatic page of ME AND HER ?Β  Page 2 ? … Please let me know …

Please HELP me get ME AND HER Published!!

I’m pleading for your personal support and endorsement to HELP push ME AND HER over the Publishing line.

Please show the Universe you are keen to see my book Published .

Thanks so much πŸ™‚

PS. Announcing more details of my Life WritingΒ  program soon …

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24 comments to Launching my Pro-active Quest to get ME AND HER Published

  • Graham Clements

    that’s plenty of ass kicking

  • Thanks Graham, I’m trying to be as kick-ass as possible. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Art Antonious

    What you are seeking Karen is fair and reasonable by anyone’s standards. “Me and Her” deserves all the best recognition as it is a masterpiece of literacy that embraces all human elements of truth, courage, love and hope.
    It is considered the “best” as an outstanding memoir that is so inspirational and moving. It would be a real privilege and honour to own a copy of “Me and Her” and have it displayed on the coffee table in centre of lounge room as conversation starter when friends come over. All the best Karen.

  • Thank you Art, for your awesome support. Your comments and your encouraging words mean so much to me.

  • Tab

    Honey, i you really want this book published you have got to inves in the feedback of authors/writers who you know and trust who know their craft well and will not be backwards in telling EXACTLY what they believe needs improvement. Until then all your friends and support crew will be wonderful support, but…. dare I say this… very little technical support. Memoir is a TOUGH market. You have to have platform and stellar writing. You CAN do this, I believe in you, but put the book out there to those who can push your forwards in your writing career. I love my friends and family, but they have never been any help when it comes to knowing what sucks in my writing.

  • What a masterful job Karen! As a clinical psychologist and a writer, I have absolutely no doubts that this book would give fresh insights to both therapists and to those suffering from Bipolar Disorder. There must be many out there who wouldn’t even know what they have and your book would help them see it. This books NEEDS to reach the people. I, for one would have Me and Her: A meoir of madness at number one on my wishlist.Publishers are you listening?

  • I loved the first chapter and can’t wait to see book published and read the rest. This is a must read. Do what ever it take to get this book out there!!! We are all behind you.

  • I loved the first chapter and can’t wait to read the rest. This is a must read. All the best.

  • Well done Karen. Keep pushing. I’m sure it will get there.

  • Tab, I’m hoping that all the awesome support I’m getting from my Future readers will help push Me and Her over the publishing line. So close now.

  • Prachi, Thanks so much for your support and endorsement as a psychologist. I have so much admiration for that profession … Karen πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Paula, Your comments here mean the world to me and shows the Universe, there’s support and interest in my book.. Karen πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Anthony, I’m working hard to do everything possible to get my book Published. Thanks so much for your continuing support…Karen πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Paula, I appreciate every single comment and act of support you show me. Can’t wait to meet you LOL

  • Heather Golding

    Karen, you’ve often asked the question: Am I Brave Enough? Well, with the amount of effort that you’ve put into trying to get your memoir published, you have also left a positive impression with me to now stop asking that same question myself and just DO IT. If you can do it Karen, then so can I. I wish you all the best in the eventual publication of your book! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Heather for understanding. If we want our books published Then we must take the initiative and do the hard yards. That’s the only way to get our book out there. I may say Hard Yards … but out of everything I do, I really love the writing πŸ™‚

  • PAGE 2222222222222222 – give me (or us all) page 2!!!

    Kick-ass Karen is on fire (as usual)

    We will get it published (even if we have to make a cash donation each! Think I have a spare $5 this week to kick it off)

  • Ps – congrats on the SANE thing.

  • Thanks Stephanie, I Just LOVE all the support you’ve given me as a friend and as a Reader. I had to psyche myself up for this ME AND HER Quest launch and I’m so glad I did.
    Page 2 is coming soon, trust me. And I DO love your humour πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Stephanie, Last week I received an email from SANE and a parcel with info in the post. I think they’re interested in my Life Writing program πŸ™‚

  • […] Thanks so much for your incredible support with launching my pro-active quest to publish ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness, my struggle and victory over Bipolar Disorder. I received your awesome support with over 100 LIKES to that page … […]

  • congratulations, thank you for you courage in sharing yourself and baring your soul. We need precious spirits like yourself telling real stories of what vulnerability and mental I’ll health is like. Through your eyes and experiences from darkness to light you will give hope to many people.

    Have you tried to contact some book publishers? Otherwise another option is self publication, even getting your book done as an ebook can also offer you an opportunity to get it out there and earn you a little income.

    Another thought is have you considered approaching the mental health sector to help endorse, promote, publish your work? Eg, the black dog institute, SANE Australia, consumer /carer groups? Your doctor ?

    Thank you for your incredible courage to share yourself with us, good luck & believe believe believe…it WILL get published!

  • Thanks Ingrid for your awesome support. I really appreciate you coming over here from “mhatwork” to offer your advice. I’m pursuing traditional publishing atm. If that doesn’t work out I’ll ePublish next year. I have support from my doctor, Beyond Blue and I’m on the SANE Australia speaking program. I’m seeking further support and endorsements from a wide range of resources.

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