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gravatar-websiteQueensland Health invited me to be part of a cutting edge mental health media campaign! Last October, during Mental Health week, Queensland Health launched the Change Our Minds initiative addressing stigma and discrimination.
Immediately, I thought of the attention grabbing Emily TV ad. ‘I can treat my mental illness … How you treat me because of it … I can’t’.

OMG! Did the QLD Health consultant want me to appear on an ad on TV? …My pulse tripled in seconds!
Phew! She wanted my personal testimonial on the Change Our Minds government website, sharing my mental health experiences and positive strategies to recovery.

What is the Change Our Minds campaign? pink-bubble2

‘By changing our minds about mental illness, we can make a difference and put an end to the discrimination people face every day … promoting positive attitudes, acceptance and social inclusion of people living with mental illness.’

Robyn quizzed me on my mental health history and my Recovery. Could I really be brave enough to reveal all on a QLD government website for the world to see?

Launching Karen’s STORY…

Hi, my name is Karen Tyrrell. I was a school teacher, but through my mental health experiences I have become a multi-genre writer … After parents at my school harassed me to breaking point, my personality began to change … I experienced two major bipolar episodes and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment … The turning point for me came when, as an involuntary patient, I accepted I needed to take medication to commence my recovery. My writing … includes ME AND HER: A Memoir of Madness, an account of my struggle and victory over bipolar disorder.

For the Real Deal please go to my full testimonial but don’t forget to come back here …

What did you think? Did I reveal too much?

What can YOU do?

•    Please SHARE this blog page.
•    Pledge your personal support for the Change Our Minds campaign.
•    Share the Change Our Minds site on Facebook and on twitter. Thousands already have 🙂
•    Are you brave enough to support this campaign and help stamp out the stigma associated with mental illness?

I feel honoured to be one of four chosen to share my personal testimonial of Hope.

ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness, my memoir of HOPE,  launches on the 1st of May!

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