How to PER-FECT your Short Story…Now Published

south-city-bulletin-cover-febVISUALIZE: You’ve just written the first draft of your short story. You’re grinning, ecstatic of your accomplishment. You can’t wait to send it away to a writing competition. STOP! You have much to consider first.

Wendy Johnson, editor of South City Bulletin, Logan’s premium print magazine requested I recommend Tips to the Story writer for February’s latest edition.

Check out my #6 Secrets on How to PER-FECT your Story right NOW!

1.   Read it out aloud and check it makes sense.

2.    Ask yourself this question — Does your first paragraph anchor and orientate the reader to the setting and the situation?

3.    Check — Did you SHOW exactly what your main character is experiencing through their thoughts, actions and dialogue?

4. Don’t TELL your story in a hurry. Slow down. Illustrate your scene in the most cinematic way possible. Inject your five senses.

5.    Amp your nouns and verbs to the max. Create strong vocabulary and images that project your story forward.

6.    Rewrite your story paying attention to logic, the correct sequence and the most dramatic and memorable detail.

Are you planning to write and submit MORE stories? Are you pursuing every possible avenue to develop your writing craft to the highest possible standard? … Please consider these VIP writing strategies.

SECRETS in Improving your Writing for the Long Term …

•   Enlist in writing courses. Contact your local library, your state’s Writers Centre, online courses and your local TAFE.

•    Join a face-to-face writing group. Contact your local library and your state’s Writing Centre. Join Logan City Writers collective.

•    Seek out critique buddies and Beta readers to give you feedback. We cannot see flaws in our own writing as we’re much too close.

•    Apply for mentorships like the Society of Editors QLD through the QWC and apply for writing grants like RADF through  your local City Council.

•    Seek a private writing consultation with a mentor. Usually by phone. Contact your state’s Writers Centre and Varuna Writers Retreat.

Click here for the FULL magazine feature … February issue now online Pick up your own copy … February edition distributed to shops, libraries & letterboxes on 7.2.2012

What’s the MOST AMAZING part about Writing for a Print Magazine?

Writing for South City Bulletin offers me a wealth of experience on submitting to deadlines, following guidelines closely and fine-tuning my skills in creating short, sharp writing features.

PLUS I get to advertise my book launch for ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness on the 1st May at Logan North library in their mag. YAY!! 

ME AND HER reveals how parents harassed me to breaking point and beyond, and how I clawed my way back from Insanity.

WOOHOO!! A special thanks to Wendy Johnson and South City Bulletin magazine for awarding me this awesome opportunity.

**How are you developing your writing craft?

**Are you recognizing every opportunity offered to you and grabbing it?

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