Giveaway #2 signed copies ME & HIM at Goodreads

Wanna *WIN* a FREE book that will empower you to live your HAPPIEST life?

ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery shares HOW I recovered from parent-teacher harassment, the trauma of being incarcerated into a psychiatric ward by police, Bipolar Disorder and Post traumatic stress disorder.

I reveal my husband’s role as carer and the secrets he disclosed six years on.

What impact did those revelations have on my marriage and recovery?

Part 1: A mental health self-help manual sharing resilience and coping skills for everyone.

Part 2 New startling memoir sections from the Carer’s point of view.

WOOHOO! Sharing ME & HIM‘s latest Reviews over at Goodreads …

~ Skin peeling insights > Achievable wellness plan > Personal recovery specialist > Excellent strategies > Outstanding book written with warmth, depth of feelings and genuineness > Insightful

How do you connect with me over at Goodreads?

1.    Friend me on Goodreads … Click HERE

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3.    Create a shelf for ME & HIM > psychology, memoir, inspirational, wellness, self-help > Your choice

What will you WIN?

A FREE signed copy of ME & HIM, together with a FREE double-sided bookmark. I’ll post them directly to YOU anywhere in Australia.

How do you enter ME & HIM Giveaway?

 Register for the Giveaway: ENTER TO WIN  .… CLICK HERE

The competition ends on May 1.
Goodreads will select the winning names. I’ll post my signed copies directly to the winners.
It’s as easy as that!

Good luck in the competition. Please let me know if you entered.
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