Winners of the CYA Writers Conference

I celebrated the ultimate event in my writer’s year!!

The Australian CYA children’s and Young Adult writer’s Conference at Southbank TAFE, Brisbane.

It’s a one-day action adventure holiday for writers. Refreshing. Exhausting. Exhilarating.
I shared this amazing day with my writing buddies and colleagues, participating in writing courses, scribbling down blueprints for my next writing projects, revitalizing my creative brain to the max.

Who WON first place in the CYA Writing Competition?

Gen Flynn, Emily Clancy, Charmaine Clancy

Picture Book Preschool …Maura Finn
Picture Book Primary School …Annette Campbell
Picture Book Non Fiction …Catherine Oehlman
Younger Chapter Books …Stella Tarakson
Older Chapter Books …Dale Whybrow
Young Adult …Kathleen Noud
PUBLISHED Author: Picture Books…Teena Mulligan
PUBLISHED Author: Novels …‘Ella McZoo: Animal Whisperer’
Graphic Novel/Illustrated Picture Book …Christine Krebs
Illustrate to SPEC…Helen Magisson

What brilliant ideas did the Author Presenters teach me?

Karen Tyrrell, Charmaine Clancy, Brain Falkner, Alison Stegert

Brian Falkner… revealed his amazing expertise on how to create a suspenseful, engaging story with characters we care about … based on lessons from the Hunger Games trilogy.

Mark Carthew… shared how to deliver a picture book to children in a captivating, interactive way maximising visuals, sounds and texture.

Goldie Alexander … disclosed tips on how to achieve our publishing dreams.

CYA Success Stories Winners … Dimity Powell, James Foley, Alison Stegert, Renée Treml, Deb Gilmartin divulged their truly inspirational and surprising journeys on how they became published.

Everyone who attended were WINNERS. Top publishers, agents, editors, authors and web designers shared their precious knowledge, experience and inspiration to aspiring writers.
Us CYA participants  engaged in a unique opportunity, that could shape our writing lives and craft us into the writers we could be.

Only if we believed!

What was the Highlight of MY Day?                                                                                                        

Whispering secrets about my up-and-coming mental health picture book for KIDS and families … Shhh!
Next week I announce the title and cover of my picture book and my return to schools as an Author-Teacher.
I’m so excited about my NEW book I can hardly contain myself!

Check out my related post …My NEXT book coming soon!!
Please stay tuned  ) ) ) !

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Will you be attending CYA in 2014??


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2 comments to Winners of the CYA Writers Conference

  • You summed it up 100% Karen. Wonderful to stalk, talk and breathe amongst so many other like minded people. Lovely lovely day. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Hi Dimity,
    I just LOVE the way children’s writers support each other in such a warm-hearted way. Thank you for being my friend .. Karen xx

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