Revealing my NEW Book Cover

revealing Song Bird Superhero

I’m revealing my NEW book cover bursting with girl power and superhero action.

A book that embraces your inner superhero.

Drum roll … TA-DAH!

Revealing Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1) by Karen Tyrrell

An intriguing, action-packed novel for girls 7-12.

Exploring 21st century HOT topics with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

How does Rosella Ava Bird overcome bullying?


Revealing my NEW Book Blurb…

Rosella Bird‘s nightly dreams are filled with flying. Too bad her waking hours are a living nightmare.

Her flying inventions crash.

Her kooky parents are overprotective.

Her singing shatters windows.

The principal bans her from the science fair.

Worst of all, she lives next door to Frank Furter, an evil boy-genius whose sights are set on seeing her fail. Rosella is the girl least likely to soar, and yet when she learns to sing, something incredible takes flight. Rosella becomes Song Bird, a flying superhero who saves the day.

Can Song Bird defeat Frank Furter’s evil bullying ways.



Karen Tyrrell with Song Bird Superhero

Revealing why I wrote Song Bird Superhero …

Have you ever dreamed of flying? … I mean really flying?

I have.

My childhood was plagued with nightly dreams of  soaring through the air.

A wondrous magical escape from my daily grind of being bullied at school.

How did I empower myself?

Revealing my Superhero Team who helped create Song Bird Superhero

Publisher: Digital Future Press

Editor: Penny Springthorpe

Cover illustrator: Trevor Salter

Book designer: Anthony Puttee and Book Cover Cafe.

SPECIAL thanks to Steve Tyrrell and to my critique buddies over at Write Links for believing in me, especially authors Alison Stegert and Jacqui Halpin!


  1. I’m announcing the line-up of STARS at my interactive book launch and pantomime … very soon.
  2.  PLUS I’m revealing an exclusive offer on how to buy a signed copy of Song Bird Superhero.

Please stay tuned. 🙂

ktyrrell-songbird-cover-promo-online-lgeI’m seeking feedback for Song Bird Superhero …

Does Song Bird Superhero hook you in and ignite your interest?

WHO wants to find out how Song Bird defeats the evil boy-genius?

LOVE to hear what you think …

I’m biting my finger nails … and praying for positive Book Karma.

Please let me know!!

PLEASE spread the NEWS to everyone you know.

Can you please Comment, SHARE on Facebook, Tweet and Google+?

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16 comments to Revealing my NEW Book Cover

  • Brady Hodges

    Looks like a great new action superhero on the cover Karen . My daughter Charlie is a great fan of yours and has been waiting for this, after reading the Jo Kin series . Do you remember her, we met you at dymocks garden city at your sci fi book launch. She sends you emails , anyhow great work.

  • Thanks Brady, thrilled to hear from you. Glad you like Song Bird Superhero. I remember telling you about it. Coming back to Dymocks Garden City. Announcing all my book events soon … Karen 🙂

  • Hey Karen, the new cover for your brand new book looks fantabulous! Songbird looks so happy soaring through the air. You have a great team.

  • Thanks Megan for checking out Song Bird Superhero. I’m so exited with my NEW book. I hope the story will resonate with children. Really appreciate all your support and friendship … Karen 🙂

  • Jacqui Halpin

    The cover looks great, Karen! You must be thrilled! 🙂

  • Jacqui Halpin

    Oh! And proud to be part of the Superhero Team! 🙂

  • Thanks Jacqui, Thrilled you love the cover… YEP! I’m thrilled too. This cover took three months in the making from concept to completion. But SO worth it… Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Jacqui for all your wonderful feedback and suggestions. This book was a real team effort from the chapter book group at Write Links … Karen 🙂

  • Ayjay

    Way to go, Karen!
    Love this new book!
    We need all the positive stories we can get! We need examples of how we can overcome adversity and stay strong when it seems the odds are stacked against us! I love the reference to birds and flying.. how freeing that is! Oh and aren’t Rosella’s beautiful and perfect girl’s name!

    Best wishes with it all, Karen. So wonderful to watch you progress and very grateful for all you do in the mental health, resilience and helping young people with bullying… Way to Go!

    always in your corner, cheering you,
    Angie (from A&R) 🙂

  • Ali

    How exciting to see this book take flight! I love the cover and I know kids will love the story. Congrats, Karen!

  • Thanks Ay Jay,
    For cheering me on with Song Bird. I read your wonderful, warm words and you made me smile.
    I’m going to miss NOT seeing you at Angus and Robertson Ipswich.
    Hope our paths cross again…. Your friend, Karen xx

  • Thanks so much Alison,
    You’ve helped me tremendously with writing Song Bird with your awesome suggestions… especially to change it from a fantasy story with superhero elements to a fully realized Superhero novel … Hugs Karen xx 🙂

  • Ani Peters

    Oh! WOW Karen I absolutely love the title, idea and cover of the book is eyecatching. I look forward to reading it…So pleased you wrote another book on helping children build up resilience and deal with and overcome bullying.

  • Hi Ani,
    I’m thrilled you came over to check out Song Bird and you LOVE my cover and story idea.
    This is the story based on my childhood experiences and how I was able to cope with being bullied. Please stay tuned for MORE announcements … Thanks, Karen 🙂

  • Jocelyn

    Great cover Karen. You must be so happy with the results. Clever to get a lorikeet to perch on your shoulder

  • Hi Jocelyn,
    Thrilled you like my cover. About the lorikeet, we had a photo shoot at Nielsen’s Native Nursery where the birds are tame. See you on Saturday
    … Cheers Karen 🙂

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