Song Bird Superhero Book Launch and Pantomime

Song Bird OUT 10 SEP 2016

 KAPOW! I’m launching Song Bird Superhero …

Song Bird Superhero is an empowering children’s book to embrace your inner superhero. Written by author Karen Tyrrell, published by Digital Future Press.

Song Bird Superhero BLURB

Rosella Bird’s nightly dreams are filled with flying. Too bad her waking hours are a living nightmare:

Her Flying inventions crash.

Her kooky parents are over protective.

Her singing shatters windows.

The principal bans her from the science fair.

Worst of all, she lives next door to Frank Furter, an evil boy genius whose sights are set on seeing her fail! Rosella is the girl least likely to soar, and yet when she sings something incredible takes flight. Rosella becomes Song Bird, a flying superhero who saves the day.

Can Song Bird defeat Frank Furter’s evil bullying ways??


 Song Bird Superhero Book Launch Program

KABOOM! I’m announcing a spectacular book launch program of pantomime, LIVE music, costumes, craft activities, PRIZES and an inspirational guest speaker.

And it’s all FREE!


 Song Bird Pantomime with Karen Tyrrell

I, award winning author of eight books, Karen Tyrrell  play the part of Rosella Ava Bird. The bullied girl who dreams she can fly. This story is inspired by real childhood events.

I will be dressed in a feathered Song Bird costume to be seen for the first time at the book launch.

Karen Tyrrell as Song Bird Superhero ... minus feathers

Karen Tyrrell as Song Bird Superhero … minus the feathers

The extremely funny, Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Cafe will play the villain, evil child-genius, Frank Furter.

Can Song Bird defeat Furter and learn how to fly?

 Song Bird Superhero MUSIC program

John Paul College vocalists: students Sophie Moman and Ashlea Brunoli will sing inspiring songs from popular musicals. John Paul College at Daisy Hill recently performed The Wiz musical at the Chandler Theatre.

The Wiz performed by John Paul College

The Wiz performed by John Paul College

Who is the Guest Speaker?

Deputy Mayor of the City of Logan, Cherie Dalley will present an inspirational speech to empower girls to raise their self-confidence and achieve their dreams.

Cherie Dalley Deputy Mayor of Logan City

Cherie Dalley Deputy Mayor of Logan City

Who is the MC?

Captain Cyber Safe, school counselor and fantasy author, Alison Stegert from Write Links will introduce the speakers and performers. Alison is a superhero beta reader for my book Song Bird.


Alison Stegert AKA Captain Cyber Safe (on Twitter)

 Song Bird Superhero Program for KIDS

Kids come dressed as a superhero or as a winged creature.

Grown-ups please wear a feather.

PRIZES will be given to the BEST costumes.

SWOOP over for crafty activities, creative writing and science.

Song Bird Launch DETAILS

 Where:   Glide out to Logan North Library

2-6 Sports Drive, Underwood … it’s in a galaxy near you!

When:  Saturday 10 September 10 am … the girl superhero saga begins

Coffee, tea and refreshments provided FREE

Call: 3412 4140 to reserve your seat

Help Song Bird Superhero to soar!

LN---Song-Bird-Superhero-with-Author-Karen-Tyrrell v2

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2 comments to Song Bird Superhero Book Launch and Pantomime

  • Stuart wainright

    Sounds great we will be there, the girls can’t wait

  • Thanks Stuart,
    Love your kind enthusiasm. Atm YES is my favourite word. Love to see you there. And meet you and your girls.
    Its going to be FUN!!
    Karen 🙂

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