Launching Bookmarks -ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness

WOOHOO! Feast your eyes on my brand-new double-sided bookmark Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Café designed!
On the front Anthony astutely chose ‘there are always TWO SIDES to every story’ baring in mind the two points of view in my memoir … the sane ME and the insane HER.

Thanks again to Australian YA author,  Kaz Delaney for lending her sensational review, author name and best-selling title DEAD ACTUALLY to the top of my bookmark.

me-and-her-bookmark-webopt1A special thanks to Dawn Alice, author of LOVE LIFE TAROT for offering her awesome review comment. That appraisal adorns the flip-side of my bookmark AND the back cover of ME & HER.

‘I am impressed at how Karen has turned a dismal situation into a healing tool for others. Not only teachers will relate to her long-awaited book, but all who have experienced life’s ups and downs.’  ─ Dawn Alice, author of LOVE LIFE TAROT

I just LOVE the blurb Anthony incorporated from the back cover of my book.

One woman’s story of manic dreams and her two personas…                                                                     me-and-her-bookmark-s2-webopt3
ME ─ wife, mother, writer and teacher. HER ─ manic, psychic, healer to the living, telepathic to the dead, and she’s very psychotic.
Why did she become so crazy?
How did she claw her way back from Insanity?

I’ll hand out these *FREE* bookmarks at book launches, book signings, bookshops and events. Please grab yourself one!

What do you think of my spanking new bookmarks? And the blurbs?

I’d really appreciate your feedback.


Today I celebrated a day of contrasts … The smiles, hair flicking and giggling of  media photo shoots.

And the gut retching interviews. The journalists endeavoring to reach the crux of my grueling story of harassment and breakdown … My stomach churned as I revealed what happened … Did I divulge too much?

I hope and pray they’ll portray me in a positive light, allowing my story of hope and recovery to shine through.

Fingers crossed xx

Please stay tuned as I announce the news stories and photo shoots as SOON as they are published.

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10 comments to Launching Bookmarks -ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness

  • Thank you Karen – what a wonderful gift you are! Good luck with the newspapers articles and don’t forget o post links when they come out.

    Don’t stress about what they write – you have no control over that – just be at peace with the fact that you did your best.

    Good or bad, every bit of focus on your book helps.

    Kaz xx

  • Thanks Kaz for your awesome support!
    Today was a day of contrasts … The smiles & giggling of the photo shoot and the grueling interviews… Like you said I did my best.
    Thanks for lending your review quote for my bookmark … I knew you wouldn’t mind 🙂

  • Enjoy all the positives of your brave decision to share your story Karen. I admire you for doing it and hope it will help others.I had the privilege of having Karen write guest blog on my blog recently. Awesome!

  • Thanks Dale, for you awesome support and advice. I’m surrounding myself with positive people, to make myself “braver”. Thanks for requesting me to Guest Blog on your website. I really loved chatting over there 🙂

  • Bookmarks are a fantastic idea. This design is great. You’ve been working so hard on your marketing, are you getting time to write new projects?
    Wagging Tales

  • Thanks Charmaine! Glad you like the bookmarks. At the moment I’m too busy writing for magazines and sending out requests for reviews.*SIGH* … Love to start writing on projects again soon, hopefully after the first launch or maybe the 2nd.

  • Karen, I can’t even imagine the angst you must feel on interviewing… my latest book (memoir) is nowhere near the level of intimacy and self-expression as yours, and I’ve also been ‘quizzed’ over things that really put the beat in your heart . . . I wish you every luck with it. It can be very scary but just remember and hold onto the bravery and honesty and openness you have celebrated with this book – and most of all, the fact that your work is going to change the lives of other people who have battled mental illness. It was a brave and important thing to do. Stand tall, girl. x

  • Thanks Tania, for boosting my confidence & bravery. I truly hope I can help others struggling with mental illness and shed a little light on opening peoples minds to recovery. 🙂

  • Hey Karen, what are the chances of getting a couple of yo0r bookmarks? I will be buying your book from eBay on Wednesday from a company called “buy” – a major book chain. Looking forward to reading it! God Bless!

  • Hi Lisa Marie, of course I’ll send you a few bookmarks. I’ll email you, requesting your address and I’ll post to you ASAP. Thanks for supporting ME &HER! 🙂

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