I’m Finalist in Mental Health Achievement Awards

WOOHOO! I’m celebrating! I’m finalist for the 2012 Mental Health Week achievement awards.

I’m so proud I’ve triumphed over mental illness, writing and sharing my recovery memoir, ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness.

I’m honoured Queensland Alliance of Mental health and Open Minds “recognized my devotion to improving the understanding and awareness of mental health in the Queensland community.”  These awards are for individuals, consumers, workforce and organizations.

This year’s theme is “Strength through Community.”

Two weeks ago Suzanne Desailly of Open Minds rang me with the exciting news that judges chose me as one of three finalists in the individual category.

I’ve been bursting to tell You ever since!

Today I attended the Achievement Awards luncheon at Novotel Brisbane with my two special guests, my husband Steve and my referee Anila Fredericks, Telstra manager who supports my workplace Resilience Training workshops.

Logan Mayor Pam Parker supported me as my second referee, launching my recovery memoir ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness in May this year. Pam Parker supports my mental health work in the Logan community presenting the Life Writing program to Logan hospital psyche patients and at Logan Women’s Health and Well-being Centre.

Karen Tyrrell : Finalist individual category


The presenters  announced my achievements over the microphone as my name appeared on a gigantic overhead screen. When I walked up to the stage to receive my award, I was overcome with emotion and tears … I had come  so far on my journey!

DRUM ROLL …And the winners are…

Consumer/Carer Award Winner …Mental Health Family & Carer Connections Initiative.
Individual Winner … Mary Wood … the founder of ‘Tie up the Black Dog Committee’
Workforce  Winner… Queensland Rail
Organization Winner & Earle Duss Award Winner … Benowa State High School peer support leader program

Winners of the Mental Health achievement awards

Congratulations to ALL the winners and finalists.

I’m ecstatic I was finalist,  the ONLY author who reached final position.

These awards bring mental health to the foreground, helping to break down the stigma of mental illness.

I’m blessed to be able to support others on their recovery journey with my thought provoking book ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness as a mental health advocate, author and speaker spreading the news of HOPE to the Queensland and global communities.

What do you think of ME & HER and my two community programs which I developed?

Can you please SHARE my exciting news with your friends?

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