World Dementia Month Books for Children


I’m celebrating World Dementia Month with a select group of Australian children’s authors and illustrators. We have collaborated to showcase our books about aging and dementia for September’s World Dementia Month. Children feel helpless and confused when confronted with the decline of an elderly relative prompting us authors to create emotive stories to provide encouragement and hope to families.

Each unique and beautifully illustrated story is based on personal experience and offers practical strategies to connect and share love with grandparents even in difficult, changing, and confusing circumstances. The power of memory and remembering as a way to sustain a loving connection is a common thread.

World Dementia Month books for children

In Celia and Nonna, Celia brings memories of happy times spent together with her grandmother into Nonna’s new aged care home by making pictures and paintings to fill the walls, and the grandchild mouse.

Celia-and Nonna-Cover-WEBDo You Remember uses artwork to honour Grandma’s memories.

when I remember

In When I See Grandma, Grandma’s memories are brought to life through her dreams as the granddaughter shares with her everyday things she enjoys doing.


In my book Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Harry shares coping and memory skills to help his grandpa boost his memory and confidence.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

In Lucas and Jack, Lucas’ encounter with elderly Jack reveals to him what Lucas can’t see on the surface, the rich past of each resident. Lucas  connects with his Grandpop through inquiring about his childhood memories.

Lucas-and-JackAt times humorous, at times poignant, always heartfelt, these stories will inspire and encourage children and families who are grappling with change and illness in those they love.

 PUBLISHED:  The story above is now published in magazines and online sites!

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Does the positive MEMORY message in these books resonate with you?

How can we raise awareness and understanding of Dementia with children?

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