My Writers Dream Became Reality

publish colourI’m thrilled to announce my writers dream has now become reality… My brand NEW book will be published soon! … YIPEE!

I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long.

The LOVE of my Life book will be published

Have you ever slaved over a book, one that was engraved on your heart and soul?

How my Writers Dream began …

I created an empowering story as an escape from the worst times in my life. A book that helped me heal when there was NO Hope. I spent months, years, writing those pages.

A publisher and an agent embraced my story, one alluding to a publishing contract.

This LOVE of my Life book launched me on a Roller Coaster ride to the giddy heights of near publishing.

im-writing-a-first-draft-and-reminding-shannon-haltMy Writers Dream … became a Nightmare

Fourteen months later, I discovered my book was NOT going to get published … NO!

Devastated, my writers dream became a nightmare. I sank into the depths of despair, my world collapsing beneath my feet.

Shattered, I buried my story in my bottom drawer, while I wrote five resilience books to empower adults and children to live strong.

bailey Beats the Blah, STOP the Bully and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Bailey Beats the Blah, STOP the Bully and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

My Writers Dream … Re-imagined

Last year I retrieved this book from despair, injecting it with new life … and new HOPE.

I submitted it to Beta readers for honest feedback.

With their suggestions in mind, I rewrote my story, amping the story line and the characters to the MAX.

I injected as much humour, empathy and action-packed suspense as I could.


Today, I announce my story will be published! YES!

Only writers know the heartache, the agony and the ecstasy of losing and finally finding your writer’s dream again.

With much jubilation, I announce my dream book will be published soon.


The Story that wouldn’t DIE

Please stay tuned for revelations of the book title and the glorious cover!

Are you as excited as I am?

Have you ever experienced the agony and ecstasy of riding the writing roller-coaster?

Have you EVER had your writers dream smashed   … and then finally become reality?

Love to hear your comments … Please share, Like, tweet and google plus


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