The Reporter Newspaper Quizzes my Decision

Christine Rossouw, journalist from The Reporter contacted me over my resignation from Logan Writers festival.
How the heck did she get that information?

Ahh! … Then I recalled adding her colleague’s name to the Logan Writer’s contact list at the 2010 writers festival. That journalist has since resigned and her messages forwarded to Christine.

Now I had to decide … Did I want a newspaper investigating this?
Would they report the story accurately?
Would there be a benefit for the community?

Christine quizzed me on how Logan Writers collective was created and the history of Logan Writers Week
The Reporter has a long history of supporting writers in Logan City.
Jodi Cleghorn, Karen Collum, Helen Ross, Dawn Alice, Kev Webb, Anthony Puttee have all reaped the benefits of a news-story about  their books.

The Reporter’s journalist wanted to know my reasons for resigning ... Its complicated.

Check out the full goss …

publicity-photo-croppedWhy did I say YES to the interview?
I wanted the story to bring attention to the literary talent in Logan City and opportunities for Logan Writers.

I’m hoping a working committee in the Logan Community will come forward to organise the Writers Festival in 2011.

I have a blueprint for Logan Writers Week that I’m willing to hand over … Anyone interested?

Meanwhile I’m dedicating my time and efforts into getting three books published and supporting Logan Writers any way I can. In 2011 I’ll be working on a ground breaking mental health project in Logan City.

Am I an administrator or a creative writer?

I hope you understand my decision:)

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8 comments to The Reporter Newspaper Quizzes my Decision

  • Pete

    Congratulations Karen,
    for getting this story out to the public. Has anyone come forward to volunteer yet?

  • Hi Pete,
    Thanks for dropping by. When The Reporter approached me with the story, I had to give them the facts. Hoping someone will step up to the plate soon :))

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Good on you Karen, a wise move.

    You have enough on your plate at the moment with your own writing. Got to keep the momentum up while the flow is strong.

  • Thanks Lexie, only a writer can understanding the creative flow. Thanks for your support :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    I fully understand, Karen. You want to concentrate on your writing and on getting your books published. I also think it’s a wise move. You did a fantastic job organising the inaugural Logan Writers Week last year. I enjoyed attending some of the events, although I didn’t get to go to as many as I would have liked to (you understand why).
    Sorry I didn’t get around to checking out your blog last week. I was in a bit of a tizz.
    All the best,
    Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna, I for dropping by with your comment and support. I didn’t send a BLOG reminder with this one. I’ll be concentrating on the Blog about Bipolar. Is it an ability or a disability?

  • Graham

    Hi Karen,

    Great newspaper article, one to cut out and stick on the wall.

    Like Christopher Eccleston who was the first new Doctor Who, hopefully your work on the Festival will leave a long legacy.


  • Hi Graham,
    Thanks for saying that. My very supportive husband framed it for me and scanned it to send out to family and friends. A good friend of mine said, “That was the most positive Report on something you’re not going to do”. I hope the festival will continue … perhaps biannually.

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