How to Write a Successful Story using my #10 TOP WRITING Secrets

Do you want a story that connects with the reader? Leaving them begging for more? A story that is publishable and in big demand? … Then follow my #10 Secrets for a successful story.

Grant Writing Secrets

There’s a Pool of Money that writers can dip into. You just gotta learn the Rules. Last Saturday I attended the Grant Writing Workshop at The Edge @ Brisbane State Library. Kate Eltham CEO of Queensland Writers Centre revealed tips for writing and procuring a Grant.

Grants help you financially, boost your Writing Opportunities and […]

Boost your Creativity!

Try these Tricks to jump-start your CREATIVITY with fresh ideas every day. The Initial Idea: can be inspired from movies, dreams, paintings, personal experiences, newspapers and magazines, beautiful books, photographs, pictures, music, poetry … Take a small notebook / Voice recorder/ Video Camera for Inspirations wherever you go. Collect pictures and clippings into a scrap […]

Jump on a Gift Horse

I’m grabbing every opportunity to foster my writing career.

Joining Queensland Writers Centre four years ago,was the BEST decision I ever made. QWC mothered me, as a New-Born writer, nurturing me along the way.

This Writers Group has offered and […]

Behind Closed Doors!

Publishers are deciding my Fate behind closed doors! 5 publishers now have my Book Proposal and sample chapters in their hot little hands! Scrutinizing and predicting if ‘Me and Her’ matches their readership. I wish they had the new ‘Expose’ version in front of them!

Its only 8 weeks since I sent these off! … […]

Agents Vs Publishers

Last night I attended a writer’s BOOT CAMP at the Publishers and Agents Seminar at QWC, Brisbane to improve my industry IQ and to investigate ways to have my memoir, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness published. This is what I learnt:-

• Manuscripts must be completed, revised, edited and polished. √ • When […]