Behind Closed Doors!

Publishers are deciding my Fate behind closed doors!
5 publishers now have my Book Proposal and sample chapters in their hot little hands! Scrutinizing and predicting if ‘Me and Her’ matches their readership. I wish they had the new ‘Expose’ version in front of them!

Its only 8 weeks since I sent these off! … Seems longer I know.
Recently, Kate Eltham CEO of Queensland Writers Centre offered some advice.

‘Be patient … Early days yet.’

What I  do know:-
Publishers have their own time frames.
… I should hear from 2 of them very soon.
… And the other 3 by the end of September.
Not long now. And one of them could be IT!


Simon and Schuster sent me a very encouraging letter this week! They described my Memoir as FASCINATING … but unfortunately it didn’t fit with their current Publishing Program. To be honest S+S were a long-shot. The remaining 4 Publishers actually publish Memoirs and are much closer to Target.

Somewhere out there is the ideal Publisher for Me and Her.
All we have to do is zero-in on each other to make the Perfect Match.
The right place. The right time.

Hope my Manuscript comes HOME to land soon!!
Fingers crossed. XX

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6 comments to Behind Closed Doors!

  • Gwen

    With your determination and talent, you will find the right Publisher. Maybe not this Publisher or the Next. But there is the RIGHT ONE out there, waiting for you!

  • Tim

    Hi Karen,
    It’s great to see you getting that ‘fascinating’ comment from S&S! You’re “on their radar” now. 🙂 Also very good news about your other positive feedback from publishing houses.

    All the best for finding THE publisher soon.
    cheers, Tim in Canberra

  • Good luck with the wait. I sympathise as am in exactly the same situation! It can certainly be a little painful – I’ve had to become a master of distraction 🙂 But you have great positivity and energy, so I know you’ll be fine. Hope there will be some good news soon (for both of us)

  • Angie Leeming

    I know it’s been a long journey….but sometimes its the long and tedious treks that lead us to the most rewarding visions.

  • I get the feeling that it’s just around the corner, Karen – Hang in there. It’s on its way 🙂

  • Joanna Gaudry

    You’re doing all you can, Karen. Great that S&S described your memoir as ‘fascinating’. The right publisher, fitting the right market — it will all gel together in time. Take care. Joanna :))

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