Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2)

JoKin-Terra-Facebook-Timeline-Covers-1Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2) by educator & reviewer ABC Jenny…

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra by author Karen Tyrrell …

‘One chapter tonight, then off to bed,’ I innocently said to my two boys, as I began Karen Tyrrell’s

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2)

ktyrrell-jokin-cover-lsi.inddSeven chapters later…

‘Just one more, I want to see who the fourth person is in the Super Space Kids team,’ Tommy said.

‘But it’s given me a great story idea, can I write the beginning?’ Charlie said, already heading for the table.

How could a mum say no to her kids wanting to read and write? My answer you can see in the photos below.

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

As a Mum of two boys aged 8 and 9, and a primary school teacher for over  20 years…

I knew when reading the first chapter aloud to my two boys  they were hooked. They felt they had a lot in common with the main character, Jo-Kin, a school kid who enjoyed online games.

Although, unfortunately for my boys, that is where the similarities end, as Jo-Kin embarks on a space adventure to save the galaxy and his Commander’s little sister. The adventures take you from the school classroom to outer space with many cool technical gadgets my kids could only dream about, although they are not too sure on some of the food mentioned.

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2) could be used as a mentor text for many areas in school. A few are listed below:

  • S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities around inventions, space travel and our galaxy
  • English activities such as writing recipes for the food mentioned and their own space adventure stories
  • Personal Capabilities activities based on resilience and team building

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2)

It’s suitable to read aloud for students from Year One, or for students to read independently who are reading Lexile level 300 and above. The action and language used, especially the onomatopoeia’s (words which describe sounds) make it a fun book to read aloud. Each chapter holds the interest of the reader or audience and keeps them wanting to read more to find out what happens next. So be prepared for the words, ‘just one more chapter, please.’

Jo Kin 4

If you are an educator, Karen Tyrrell’s website is filled with ideas on not only this book, but her many other children’s fictional books which deal with bully prevention, environment, resilience and empowerment.

Stay tuned for Charlie and Tommy’s thoughts on Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2) … Coming soon to a galaxy near you.

Jenny Graham  (Facebook abcJenny)


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4 comments to Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2)

  • Jim Boomba

    I think the reviewer captures the essence of what makes Karen such a diverse author. Her stories always seem to teach and educate children about new things while running along at a frantic adventure like pace. Kids love that, even my youngest daughter is hooked on the Jo-Kin books because as she says “they’re fast and funny”. Nice one Karen !

  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks for popping over to take a peek of Jenny’s review of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra. I love the quote from your youngest about Super Space Kids 2 2 – “Fast and funny” …
    Karen x

  • Great review, Karen. Isn’t it wonderful to hear from your young readers like this, and to know how excited they became about writing their own fantasy stories. It’s a fun read, so I’m not surprised the boys were so inspired.

  • Thanks Norah,
    For checking out this review from a fellow educator Jen Graham.
    I’m thrilled with this review and others which came through on Goodreads for Super Space Kids Series.
    Karen 🙂

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