Reading is my Secret Power Karen Tyrrell Author Talks

Reading is my Secret Power

Reading is my Secret Power Karen Tyrrell Author Talks

KAPOW! Karen Tyrrell, children’s author of the Song Bird superhero series, presents interactive Reading is my Secret Power talks in schools.

Reading is my Secret Power is also the theme of Children’s Book Week, 17-23 August, 2019.Every year, Children’s Book Week is celebrated in every school and library in Australia.

Reading is my Secret Power
CBCA Book Week 17-23 August 2019

When did I start using Reading is my Secret Power?

I’m an award winning Brisbane author and a Books in Homes volunteer. As a child, I share my personal story on how reading and writing inspired my Secret Powers.

Karen Tyrrell came from a poor family without books. I learnt how to read, overcoming my challenges, igniting my imagination and self-worth.

Over time, reading boosted my learnings at school. I came top in my class.”

By Karen Tyrrell

Reading is my Secret Power
Books in Homes talk on Reading is my Secret Power

Why do I present Reading is my Secret Power talks?

In 2016-2019, I wrote the Song Bird superhero series to make the world a better place. Song Bird empowers kids to believe in themselves, stop the bully, live strongly and care for the environment.

Reading is my Secret Power, is the focus of my author power-point talk and reader’s theatre that  hubby, Steve and I perform in schools in superhero costumes.

I show children how Reading can be a mighty Power AND a Secret Power!

Reading is my Secret Power
Song Bird and Reef Man talk about Reading Powers and sustainability.

What is Song Bird Superhero about?

Rosella Ava Bird, Song Bird Superhero and her team of misfits, stop the bully in Book 1. Now that she’s empowered, her team seeks ways to protect and care for the environment in Books 2, 3 and 4.

How do I present SUPER Reading talk?

 In superhero costume, Steve and I share how reading can unlock secret powers in an interactive, engaging presentation. 

Steve and I present dramatic scenes from Song Bird Great Barrier Reef as Reader’s theatre or pantomime with costumes and props. We encourage children to support superhero character Song Bird as she battles evil villain, Destructo.

Kids love the theme Good vs Evil … and SUPER villain Destructo.

 Writing and reading are inter-connected.

That’s why I present powerful superhero writing workshops, eco adventure workshops and any writing workshop a school requires. SEE  Speakers Ink

Reading is my Secret Power

Superhero Writing Workshop for Brisbane Libraries


Karen, a G & T teacher, creates writing workshops to suit your needs.

How can kids ignite their Reading?

  1. Dive into exciting NEW books to read and meet intriguing characters. Ask your librarian what books she recommends.
  2. Find your Book Week costume. Who’s your favourite book character?
  3. Read every single day. Hang out with your book characters, learn what makes them tick. Enjoy the story adventure together.
  4.  Write and review about your new book.  What parts do you like best?  So, writing and reading are connected.
  5. Check out CBCA Book Week info on CBCA website, jam-packed with FUN activities. The Book Chook,  blog of writer Susan Stephenson, shares fabulous links and suggestions.  Children’s Book Daily blog (written by Megan Daley), contains Book Week ideas and costume suggestions.
  6. BOOK my Reading is my Secret Power talk. I present Reading is my Secret Power throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Scenic Rim areas. 

Book via Speakers Ink

Reading is my Secret Power
Song Bird and Rainforest Man talk about Reading and Writing POWERS

What are your plans for Book Week?

Please Comment below …. or Share via Facebook and twitter 🙂


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4 comments to Reading is my Secret Power Karen Tyrrell Author Talks

  • Joanne Dettori

    I’m going to tell my school all about you, what you do is what we need for our children. If we can have them thinking like you, we might be able to get them off video games and back onto books. Something is needed and I like your message.

  • Hi Joanne, Lovely to see you here on my website. Thanks so much for your very kind comment. I hope your school gets in touch with me soon. Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • This is a wonderful program to share with children. Reading is indeed a superpower. It provides a key to unlock the secrets of the world. Well done, Karen Tyrrell!

  • Hi Norah, I knew you’d be interested in this Blog.
    I hope my author talks and workshops ignite many ideas for you in creating resources for Book Week.
    Please check out Megan Daley and the Book Chook’s activities.

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