Karen Tyrrell Author Tours Paradise

Karen Tyrrell Author Tours Paradise. My author dream came true when I toured the Great Barrier Reef with my latest book, Great Barrier Reef Rescue. Myself and co-author Steve Tyrrell presented interactive author talks, engaging writing workshops and shared our writing tips to hundreds of kids. How?

Last Sunday, Steve and I left Brisbane for the Sunshine Coast, the first leg of our Central Queensland tour. In the morning, we signed copies of Great Barrier Reef Rescue and our ten children’s books at the effervescent Annie’s Books at Peregian Beach.

In the afternoon, we visited the Sunny Coast SCBWI meeting at Peregian Springs co-ordinated by the fabulous Alison Stegert and the incredible Emma Middleton. Members made us feel very welcome. I spoke on indie publishing in the Kid Lit Space, sharing book marketing tips. Marg Gibbs spoke on the Bologne Bookfair, Italy and Dhana Fox on KidLitVic. Steve and I signed copies of our books afterwards.

Alison very generously hosted an overnight stay for us at her cosy house where we met hubby Paul, and doggies Huckleberry and Lulu.

Alison Stegert and Lulu

On Monday, we journeyed to Yeppoon on the glorious Capricorn Coast. We stayed for two days at the breathtaking Rosslyn Bay Resort, right on the beach overlooking Great Keppel Island. We witnessed technicolour sunsets and a glowing full red moon rising in the night sky.

On Tuesday we travelled to Farnborough State School, a vibrant country school with a warm community spirit. We met super-enthusiastic junior writers, eco warriors and staff. Steve and I were thrilled to share three interactive talks with reader’s theatre starring Song Bird vs Destructo. Co-incidentally, Elaine Ouston from Sunny Coast SCBWI had toured there the previous week.

For year 6, we presented a Great Barrier Reef Rescue eco talk with tips on how to care for the reef and write stories. It was amazing how much these kids love the reef on their doorstep

For years 2, 3 and 4, we shared how we wrote our Song Bird Series. Students asked questions on the writing process. We could have stayed for hours, there were so many questions.

Thirty selected students participated in our Superhero Writing Workshop, creating original stories with superheroes battling super villains. The quality and imagination in their stories was inspiring.

The school library purchased our Song Bird series plus all our empowering books for children. After school, Steve and I were delighted to sign copies of our books meeting with children and their families.

I encourage students to connect with me … That night, my website received this comment …

“I’m a student at Farnborough State School. I loved your story today.
I told my Mum all about you and your husband.”

My YouTube channel, Karen Tyrrell Author received a superhero story.

“Hey Karen I saw you today! I’m starting to make a book about a line man. The setting is on pieces of paper 📝. The villains name is Dr Eraser. And his side kick is Pencil Boy.’

The next day we drove to Rockhampton where I spoke at Southside library on pro-active tips to write memoirs and children’s books. I shared how Sir David Attenborough wrote a letter of support for Great barrier Reef Rescue.

At the library, I re-discovered some awesome readers and supporters who I met at the Capricon Festival in April. We presented Readers Theatre and a superhero writing workshop at Capricon.

Tips for Touring Authors

  1. Before your trip, announce the dates and places you’ll be traveling with your speaker’s agent well in advance.
  2. Email and phone schools and libraries to add extra venues to your tour.
  3. Once finalized, plan your itinerary and driving route including booking in your accommodation.
  4. Contact schools and venues to discuss exactly what each school wants you to present.
  5. Create slideshows on your laptop for all your events. Duplicate on USB as back-up.
  6. Practice! Practice! Practice!
  7. Check you have packed enough books, banners, props, costumes as well as your personal packing.
  8. Stay at cheaper accommodation or splurge if you want to enjoy a working holiday. Consider renting or buying a van, caravan or mobile home.
  9. Advertise your tour and website with a magnetic car banner.
  10. Be enthusiastic and Enjoy!

What did you enjoy about our Author Tour?

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8 comments to Karen Tyrrell Author Tours Paradise

  • steve tyrrell

    It was a hectic and satisfying journey and very worthwhile. What Karen didn’t say was that she had a sinus affliction, but she soldiered on regardless and gave some great presentations and performances. It was Hot and busy at Annies at Peregian book signing. The kids loved our performances up at Farnborough state and we loved them right back. What is it about country schools? So warm and welcoming and totally involved in our sessions.A great school, staff and such bright inquisitive children. Thanks to Alison and Paul for looking after us at Maroochydore, loved their dogs especially big boofy Huck. Nice to meet so many creatives at SCBWI. Loved our respite at Rosslyn Bay & Bargara Beach (finally visited the Bundy Distillery). Take a breath now … Steve.

  • Hey Steve,
    It was awesome to present the tour with you as my side-kick. I couldn’t have done it without you … Karen from Team Tyrrell. x

  • Kasper

    Hopefully you count Moreton Bay in ‘paradise.’ We enjoyed meeting you both and seeing all your wonderful books. The showbags are great too.
    from Kaz and Rose

  • Hi Kaz,
    Of course, I call Moreton Bay paradise. Lovely meeting you and Rose.
    Thanks so much for your awesome friendship and support.
    I hope our paths cross many times again.
    Karen & Steve x

  • You guys are without a doubt a shining example for all authors who write for kids. You deserve every ounce of your success. Well done!

  • Hi Rhonda,
    Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for all your wonderful support. It was awesome to meet you at Brisbane Square Library at my book launch.
    Karen 🙂

  • So much positive travelling Karen to keen book worms! Not Frankfurt but Bologna in Italy and a marvellous first experience for me ! Thanks for top 10 tips! Marg Gibbs

  • Hi Marg,
    Lovely meeting you at the Sunny Coast SCBWI meeting. Loved hearing about your adventures at Bologne Book Fair. All fixed now.
    Karen 🙂

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