How to Nurture the Writer Within in 2013

How do we start 2013 with pure Creative Writing energy?

Enthused, motivated and energized?

Ready to create stories that leap off the page?

How do we keep the creative channels forever flowing?

How do we Cuddle up with our muse?…

Prevent writers burn out?… And dissolve writers block?

Here’s the Answer!

#10 STEPS to Nurture your Inner Writer in 2013

1.    Commence your day with free stream of consciousness writing. Pen-write exactly what’s on your mind. Scrawl quickly without pausing or editing.

2.    Set up a daily routine, make a pro-active plan eg First: write creatively, Second: write non-fiction

3.    Cherish your inner-child, express your child-like hopes and yearnings, your true dreams and emotions.

4.    Write with absolute passion every single day of the week.

5.    Allow your thoughts to wander and freely associate with new ideas, new possibilities.

6.    Meditate daily to increase your creativity… Einstein did!

7.    Be guided by your intuition. Trust your gut feelings.

8.    Experience life as it happens with your friends and family. Relax, socialize and exercise.

9.    Vow a Self-Love pledge, promising to live the healthiest life you can. Promising to believe in yourself and in your talents.

10.    Bolster your confidence, by ticking off a daily S.M.A.R. T. action check list. Make your goals: Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-lined.

My Goal for 2013 is to CREATE my own future as an Author and speaker.

~ The best way to Predict the future … is to CREATE it. ~ Peter Drucker

I need to be as grounded as possible, as creative as I can be.

The responsibility is totally mine to be imaginative, embrace new concepts and be pro-active.

How do YOU nurture your Writer within in 2013?

How do YOU make sure you’re cherishing yourself… physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally?

To bring out your most PASSIONATE writing?

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What Step INSPIRES you the MOST?

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