ME & HIM: Houston: We have a Book Cover!

Drum roll please!

I, Karen Tyrrell am launching ME & HIM’s brand new book cover today.

ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery reveals new insights into my recovery from parent-teacher harassment and mental illness. In my self-help memoir, I share practical mental wellness advice: de-mystifies meditation, addresses sleep problems and explains how to beat depression and anxiety.

I highlight the dramatic role of my husband as carer and how his new shock disclosures impacted my recovery.’

I’m in ecstatic raptures over my new book cover … Just take a look!


A Special thanks to Wendy Johnson, editor of South City Bulletin for recommending my book as a Beta reader and as a reviewer.

Wendy’s powerful blurb adorns the top of my front cover!

‘This is a book to turn to when life threatens to overwhelms us. Generous with practical life tips we can all use to maintain our mental happiness.’  … Wendy Johnson, South City Bulletin

Massive thanks to Anthony Puttee, director of Book Cover Café…

for designing my striking cover, promising to grab the Readers attention, interest and imagination.
I love Anthony’s original graphics, colours and design … Hope you do too.

Anthony designed this cover as well as the one on my first memoir  ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness

I’m ecstatic to share my new cover with you my friends, and to the world.

Only #8 weeks to go to my book launch on the 5th of March!

Check out the FREE book launch Announcement here

Read the FREE opening page to ME & HIM here

Read #20 FREE pages of ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness HERE

What’s your first impression of ME & HIM’s unique cover? … Does it draw the eye?

Celebration time!

Reviews from mental health organizations, advocates, journalists and authors are coming in. Can’t wait to share them with you soon!

Please share my BRAND-NEW cover with the world!!!  Please LIKE, Tweet, Google +

Does the book cover entice you to read ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery?

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13 comments to ME & HIM: Houston: We have a Book Cover!

  • Looks great, Karen. I like to see covers relating to one another in series. I’ve thought of a new topic for you too… will send off-blog.

  • Thanks Sally for checking out my book Cover and for your brilliant editing. I LOVED Anthony’s idea of connecting the design colours, fonts and graphics on the sequel.
    YES, I would love to hear your idea for the next book in the series. I’ll be checking my inbox ASAP… Karen 🙂

  • It looks terrific, Karen and I’m sure the book will help vast numbers of people. Congratulations! Wishing you every success.

  • I love the new cover, Karen. I, too, like to see similarities in covers when the books are in a series. All the best. I wish you much success. Love and Light, Robyn

  • Thanks Peter for dropping over to check it out. I’m praying *ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery* will be the breakthrough book that will help many out there. Thanks for your continuing support with my books on mental health … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Robyn, for checking out my latest cover and offering your feedback here. Hope you’ll read *ME & HIM* too and offer your Review like you did with *ME & HER* …Karen 🙂

  • Wendy Johnson

    Wow, LOVE the cover, Anthony Puttee is very clever. And I also love the connection with the first book although both books can stand alone. I know this book is going to help many people Karen, you deserve every success. Love Wen xo

  • Thanks Wendy,
    I’ve been waiting to surprise you with the cover. Thrilled you LOVE it!! Thanks for requesting to be a Beta Reader. And having a vital role in the development and editing of *ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery* 🙂

  • Graham Clements

    As other people have mentioned, having a similar matching designs works well. Again the cover is full of colour which makes it stand out. As on the original book, I do like the DNA strand. The quote should appeal to many.

  • Thanks Graham, for coming along here to check out the cover in close-up. Thanks for the all the positive feedback.
    YES, the blue staircase depicted on ME & HIM’s cover is reminiscent of the red genetic link shown on ME & HER’s cover … Karen 🙂

  • Heather Golding

    Wow! That is an awesome book cover design Karen! And just as others have commented above; the striking use of the colour Red as opposed to your first book colour design of Blue is an awesome way to promote and publish your second ~ sequel book! I also loved the alternate use of the Blue DNA strand as opposed to the Red roller coaster design, which was a fabulous idea! 🙂

  • Thanks Heather, That’s very kind of you to be excited over my book cover.
    Heather if you look closely at the blue graphic on the right its actually a blue spiral staircase but its reminiscent of the red Roller Coaster/ DNA strand of ME & HER … Karen:)
    PS I know you’re going to LOVE ME & HIM 🙂

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