March Madness

Opportunities for Writers arrive so unexpectedly. First, you need to recognise them, and then grab them with gusto.

Three weeks ago, I attended a Toastmasters Anniversary celebration.
Around the room, attendees spoke into a microphone for twenty seconds on how Toastmasters had helped them. I gulped … then decided to be brave.

‘I came to Toastmasters four years ago after suffering a mental illness, wanting to restore my self-esteem and confidence through Public Speaking.’

Little did I know that Toastmasters District Governor of SE Queensland, Coral McVean was in the audience. Later she approached me, asking me to write a piece for their online Newsletter.

This week, Toastmasters will publish a story on my transformation from a speaker with a shaky voice and low self-confidence to one who speaks more confidently in public. My jelly leg still wobbles behind the lectern, but now I can control my voice … most of the time. … Scroll down.

At the same Toastmasters Celebration, I approached the Mayor of Logan City, and her PA introducing myself and thanking them for the RADF Grant I received last year. I reminded her of my promise to present a Writing Workshop for the Logan Community in the next few months.
Last Friday I received a phone call, requesting that I meet with them …

Today on the 1st March, I met with the Libraries Programming Coordinator and her PA to discuss my Proposal for presenting a series of Writing Workshops for the local community. These workshops are  booked-in already …

•    8th March: Crime Writers Panel  … Browns Plains Library  … 10-12

•    8th May: First Page Workshop … Hyperdome Library … 9:30-11:30
Aspiring writers bring their First Page of a novel and learn how to improve it.

•    August Sci-Fi Month: I’ll be reading from my Kids story Josh and the It … Logan North Library

This Thursday I’ll be presenting my Writing Workshop proposal to the Mayor of Logan City,  Cr Pam Parker. My aim to to raise the profile of  Logan Writers and  Creative Writing in Logan City.
Four more workshops are planned for 2010/2011.

These workshops are a fabulous opportunity for getting my name out there and marrying my teaching skills with my passion for writing, something all writers should consider.

Becoming a Published Writer is NOT one single snap shot in time but a series of Baby-Steps.

March is gearing up to be a Month of Madness. What will happen next?

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16 comments to March Madness

  • More terrific news for you, Karen. I’m pleased it’s all going well for you. Congratulations on all your fine work and getting the Course Workshops in place. You are certainly making the most of some great opportunities. I remember Kim Wilkins also saying in Year of the Novel last year that getting published is a series of Baby Steps. It doesn’t just ‘happen’ overnight. All the best, Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna. The Writing Workshops were a Possible Objective for 2010 and they just seemed to evolve. But I’m so happy with this NEW DIRECTION … cheers, Karen :))

  • Move over baby steps, you’re taking leaps and bounds now. Good on you, Karen! I’m sure you’ll do well (exceptionally, well) 🙂

  • Thanks Carol. I thought after 20 years of teaching I was leaving it all behind, for WRITING. Looks like can combine my teaching skills with my writing passion. Can’t wait for this new Challenge. Karen :))

  • Great news about the workshops – sounds like lots of fun. Let me know how you go. Here’s to March madness! Oodles of fun.

  • Thanks Lynn. There’s so much March Madness on the way … I’m bursting to tell more … but I’m keeping it under my Mad Hatter’s Hat. Karen :))

  • Angela Sunde

    I admire writers who create their own opportunities. You are grabbing life. Carpe Diem.

  • Thanks Angela. Love that quote Carpe Diem/ Seize the Day. I had no idea who was going to be at that Toastmasters Celebration … just made split second decisions. You could do a similar thing down the Gold Coast. Karen :))

  • Paula Beavan

    It’s all coming together, well done!
    I wish I was in Qld, I’d sign up for one of your courses. But I’m not, so I guess I’ll just have to make do with the e course I’m starting wed :))

  • Thanks Paula. I thought you were a Queenslander! Wishing you the very best for your E-Writing Course. Happy Writing! Karen :)) PS Glad I’ve someone interested in my courses.

  • Jenny

    Wow! Look at how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time – you must be feeling so wonderfully proud of yourself. You are so fortunate to be where you are. Keep grabbing those opportunities as they head your way :)))

  • Thanks Jenny. I’m enjoying the journey and where it taking me. There’s inklings and promises to come … Hoping your opportunities lead somewhere wonderful too. Karen :))

  • Madonna

    If it’s meant to be it’s up to me..congrats on your continued successes Karen xo M :0)

  • Hi Madonna, I haven’t heard that expression for a long time. But its so true. If we want things to happen in our lives, we must be Pro-Active. Karen :))

  • Angie

    To think I almost missed this blog! Great news Karen. Life is moving super fast for you. Congratulations!

  • Thanx Angie. The meeting with the Mayor went extremely well today. She’s very personable …Think I’ll have a glass of wine to celebrate! Cheers, Karen :))

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