Clan Destine

The secrets out! I’m no longer a closet Clan Destineer.
… I’m the latest Clanner to join the horde at Clan Destine Book and Author Portal.
And I’m awaiting my diabolical initiation as I pass through this new Threshold.

Clan Destine is a website dedicated to LOVERS of Genre Fiction ─ Crime, Thriller/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror and True Crime.
I’m so over-awed by the incredible talent unearthed on this site.

Now you can find me in two places ─ here and at Clan Destine.
Check out my revealing bio in the Writers section.
You can also find me on the Facebook group. Type Clan Destine in the FB search engine.

Very soon, Clan Destine will be posting my writing space snaps and teaser samples from my books. Now which ones first?
My memoir Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness? …My kids Sc-Fi Josh and the It? or from my Crime Faction, Sayonara?

Mmm  … What do you think?

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