In Loving Memory: Gloria June Cox

I’m celebrating the life of my dearest Mum, Gloria June Cox: survivor, battler and giver of self-less LOVE.

When I became mentally ill, she sat with me, NEVER leaving my side.

Sick as I was, I felt her LOVE.
Gloria overcame many obstacles in her life: rheumatic fever as a baby, injuries from a childhood taxi accident, two heart operations and colon cancer. In 1998, Gloria survived a traumatic car accident in Mackay.

Gloria embraced life, showing a zest for whatever she did.

She loved to cook, sew, listen to music and care for her family. Between 1975-81, Gloria worked at Burwood Post Office sorting mail and as a cleansing technician.

Mum traveled the globe, exploring USA, Europe, Asia and UK. Her highlight was cruising on the QE2 liner from New York to London.

Gloria June Cox will be remembered as the beloved wife to Aubrey, adored mother to me: Karen, and to my sisters Marilyn, Cherie and Debbie.

Aaron, Alana, Laurinda, Scott, Shaun, Ryan and Melissa treasured Gloria as their grandmother. Tasmin, Joshua, Alex and Audrey cherished her as their great-grandmother.

Last week, Mum sadly passed away in her sleep at Fairfield hospital, Sydney.

Mum showed her inner strength, as a survivor to the very end. Gloria will be remembered as the HEART of the family, the chief organizer.

The giver of LOVE, encouragement  and most importantly, her time.

On a personal note…

Mum was proud of my stand as a mental health advocate and author, telling everyone about my books: ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery.

Mum inspired me to do better, reach higher and to help others.

I will NEVER forget my Mum.

She’ll stay forever in my memory and in my heart, walking beside me every day.

I’ll dedicate my next mental health book to her loving memory.

I invite you to share your thoughts and memories on Gloria or your own Mum, by leaving a comment below.

Many thanks.


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