Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel

Karen Tyrrell Author YoutubeKaren Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel

Setting up my YouTube channel was one of the scariest, most challenging and the exhilarating things I’ve done! I literally had to DARE myself to do it! … Here am I below, Karen Tyrrell as my book character Song Bird Superhero wearing my RED wig.

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube

Karen Tyrrell AKA Song Bird Superhero

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Writing Videos

Each week, I’ll create FREE videos to inspire you to write a riveting page-turning story with kick-ass, compelling characters. In fact, I’ll share my secret writing tips.

Today, I launch my first writing video…  #6 tips on Writing with Passion.

#6 Tips on Writing with Passion HERE

Creating this close-up video was scary… especially when I loaded the video onto Youtube.  I know its not perfect. But the flaws show my human side. Next week I promise to do better.

Above is the thumbnail photo from my video … Please watch it HERE

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Trailer

I created a trailer to introduce you to my children’s books and innovative presentations to schools.

Here, I battle with exploding books, a plague of attacking bats and Harry Potter Magic. How does an author survive

I launched my channel with a special video trailer introducing myself as a child empowerment author, superhero writer, motivational speaker, workshop presenter and pantomime performer wearing costumes, props and humour.

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube

This is my Trailer thumbnail  … Watch the video HERE

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel

So far, I’ve created 9 thought-provoking videos, receiving over 4,000 views. Three videos divulge secrets on my recovery from parent-teacher bullying and mental illness. In one movie, the Mental Health Commission of Queensland interviewed me on winning a mental health achievement award.

PLUS I created FUN book trailers on my children’s books.

I created three playlists for you to choose …

  • Writing tips
  • Books to empower kids to live strong
  • My Bipolar & PTSD Recovery included coping skills, self-care, well-being, resilience 

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel HERE

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Banner

Next, check out my new banner heading my Youtube channel with 4 thousand views already. My banner reveals the name of my channel, Karen Tyrrell Author, my writing and focus on empowerment…  plus my website www.karentyrrell.

 Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube

 Karen Tyrrell Author writing genres

So far, I published 10 books across a wide array of genres including memoir, self-help, picture books, junior fiction, science fiction, fantasy … and magazine articles…. next week I’m announcing my NEW book. Please stay tuned!!

What’s next on Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube channel?

What writing tips would you like me to create on Karen Tyrrell Author channel?

What topics would you like me to share?

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4 comments to Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel

  • Virginia Blake

    What a helpful and informative utube Karen, I look forward to the next and the next…..

  • Thanks Virginia,
    Your kind support and enthusiasm make setting up my Youtube channel, worthwhile.
    Karen 🙂
    Posting the next writing video very soon

  • Well done, Karen. You are a super hero!

  • lol, Thanks Norah!
    I love writing my Superhero books for kids.
    I’m enjoying this little venture into Youtube where I can don the red wig and share my writing tips and superhero books.
    Karen x

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