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I’m a Writer … a solitary creature, tucked away by myself, typing stories without contact with the outside world.


There’s so many new opportunities for writers to strut their stuff to the planet!

And I’m blatantly doing it, with bells and whistles on!

•    Facebook presents a unique opportunity to link up with other Writers and friends in a social setting. I’ve set up a Blog group named Karen’s BLOG where friends can receive updates on my publishing progress.

•    I’ve recently joined Twitter and I’m amazed by the search engines. By typing in a key word I can locate Writers and friends with mutual interests. Each day now, at least 5 new friends are Following me and invite me to Follow them. The potential of this network is astronomical.

•    Website … Writers must have a vibrant website that posts regular Blogs. This is my platform to the outside world where Agents and Publishers can find me.  A BIG Publisher recently discovered me there and emailed a request to send my Full Manuscript to them, which I did.

While Publishers decide my fate, I’m continuing to shout to the world … I’m Karen Tyrrell and I have a book, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness that is screaming out to be Published … and to be read.

PS I’ll let you know when I hear something … Fingers crossed XX
… Please leave a Comment. Publishers are watching.

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11 comments to Pays to Advertise

  • stevey

    Karen, You keep blowing those Whistles and ringing those Bells, till a Publisher hears you. Best of Luck.

  • That’s awesome, Karen. We can shout together – we’re not in the same market so it’s OK!! “I’m Karen Collum and I have a picture book (or 20) that are screaming out to be published!!” OK, feel better now. 🙂 I’m so glad your hard work has paid off. I agree – we writers need to be loud and proud 🙂

  • Gone are the days where authors were solitary creatures who could hide behind their books. Luckily, like you, I love networking and getting out and meeting others with a passion for literature. And besides, the people in this industry are so lovely.

    Keep putting yourself out there, Karen, clearly it’s working!

  • Thanx Katherine … The writing community are such an amazing group! Without them, I would not be where I am today …Thanks everyone for your ongoing support. XX

  • AJ Key

    Nice one Karen, keep up the good work, stay motivated cause it keeps us others going too!

    Oh and I will, one day, get around to writing something worthwhile here!

    Am still holding off the twitter fest though… One day…


  • Joanna Gaudry

    Hi, Karen
    You have got the marketing side all wrapped up. Putting the hard yards in, covering all angles (three cliches in two sentences — oh dear). Let’s hope that a publisher picks up on your ‘blasting from all sides’ approach.
    All the best and thanks for your support on Facebook.
    Joanna :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Karen, did you set up the website yourself or did you use a web designer to do it for you? If so, who did you use? Does it cost anything to set up a website like this using WordPress? ‘Scuse my ignorance on these webby matters. I’m not ready to set one up, but it’s good to know about these things in advance. Joanna (again) :))

  • Good on you, Karen. Obviously your pro-active approach is paying off! May good luck follow in the wake of all your hard work, too.

  • Hi Joanna, Joining WordPress is free but most of their sites have an identical look. My very clever son designed my website incorporating WordPress but paid for a www as a Christmas present for me… Karen

  • I have been avoiding Twitter but you seem to think that it’s worth it. I have MySpace, Facebook, my website and my Tale Peddler Blog! I wasn’t sure about Twitter being overkill but I might have to rethink. In your opinion, is Twitter better than Facebook? Some days I find Facebook so cumbersome and it’s difficult to keep up with your friends and their status updates. I quite like MySpace because I can post’pretty pictures’ but it too is cumbersome. Just interested in what you see as the advantages of Twitter over the other social networking sites. xx

  • Thanx for all your comments and support. I LOVE Facebook for its social network. But Twitter has fantastic Search engines and the ability to reach New Horizons!

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