Great Barrier Reef Rescue Giveaway

Great Barrier Reef Rescue Giveaway

I announce my Great Barrier Reef Rescue Giveaway,
to celebrate the launch of my latest eco adventure on 5th May at Brisbane Square Library.

Why did I write Great Barrier Reef Rescue?

Great Barrier Reef Book Launch

I wrote an eco-adventure mystery, as a response to David Attenborough’s call.

‘The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. It’s time to step up.’ —David Attenborough

What’s Great Barrier Reef Rescue?

Great Barrier Reef Rescue (Song Bird) is an exhilarating eco adventure jam-packed with aquatic heroes and characters. My book educates kids on how to care for the reef and endangered marine creatures.


Rosie aka Song Bird, superhero must save the Great Barrier Reef.

Something weird is happening on Green Turtle Island.

  Marine creatures have been dying, and now her friends are disappearing.

 Rosie travels through a time portal to unlock a secret.

Can Song Bird rescue the Great Barrier Reef before it’s too late?

Here are my TOP Reviews on Goodreads.

★★★★★  Jacqui Halpin Action-packed aquatic adventure, with Song Bird Superhero and her band of clever friends fighting to save the Great Barrier Reef from …  To be continued

Jacqui Halpin

★★★★★  Norah Colvin  In her fourth exciting adventure, Ava Bird aka Song Bird Superhero defends the Great Barrier Reef against her arch enemy Destructo whose evil plan involves destroying Song Bird along with the Reef… To be continued

Norah Colvin

★★★★★  Christine Titheradge, ‘Great Barrier Reef Rescue’, is a delight to read with an important message. Author Karen Tyrrell has vividly captured the reef & it’s inhabitants & the importance of becoming defenders of the reef. To be continued

Christine Titheridge

What’s Great Barrier Reef Rescue giveaway?

Play a game of skill, not a game of chance.

The winner must follow the steps and write the best answer.

How do you enter Great Barrier Reef Rescue Giveaway?

Follow these steps … go to Goodreads, check out the reviews of Great Barrier Reef Rescue on Goodreads. HERE

Write a comment below on why you wish to win Great Barrier Reef Rescue. Best answer wins the book and SUPER prize pack below.

What’s the prize for Great Barrier Reef Rescue giveaway?

WIN a signed copy of Great Barrier Reef Rescue, signed artwork from the illustrator, numbered signed certificate, a bookmark PLUS a Great Barrier Reef show bag of goodies …

Show bag includes DVD, stickers, game, booklets, origami, shells and more.

Winner: Great Barrier Reef Rescue Giveaway announced Monday 13th May at 4pm.

WINNER of Great Barrier Reef Rescue giveaway is … Anna Byrd. Congratulations! I’ll be in contact with you soon.

Great Barrier Reef Rescue is available from Comes signed, with a Great Barrier Reef show bag, and a signed Stamped certificate.

Available Amazon · Booktopia · Book Depository· Angus & Robertson · Digital Future Press

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