From bullying to a book

Albert-and-Logan-NewsNEWSFLASH: Albert & Logan News published a story on my journey from bullied teacher to author of STOP the Bully, empowering children’s book

KAREN Tyrrell knows all too well the consequences of bullying.
Karen Tyrrell has drawn on her own life experiences write the book STOP the Bully.

getimage.aspxThe Logan teacher was once the victim – bullied by parents at the school where she taught.

Ms Tyrrell said she was bullied to breaking point, triggering mental illness … but also a passion to empower others subjected to bullying.

“Now I’m an award-winning author of four books, mental health advocate and anti-bullying campaigner, launching my empowering junior novel STOP the Bully,” Ms Tyrrell said.

Bullying is a huge problem in schools.

“My mission is to empower kids to assert themselves with anti- bullying solutions, restoring their self-confidence.”

Ms Tyrrell said the book was about 11-year-old Brian, who was hiding something.

“His life is falling apart. Dad abandoned the family,” she said.
“Brian hates his new school.
“And now a violent bully attacks him every day.

“Can Brian STOP the Bully without revealing his shameful secret?

ktyrrell-stopbully-cover-webpromo-3Dbook (2)READ the story at Albert & Logan News P17 HERE

A launch will be held on Saturday, June 21, from 10am

at the Logan North Library, 2 Sports Drive, Underwood.

Ring 3412 4140 RSVP … HERE

Buy a copy of STOP the Bully in print or eBook HERE

Read MORE about  STOP the Bully at Logan North launch HERE

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