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A&R   Vic Pt May 9 Karen Tyrrell  HeaderYAY! I will share bully prevention and resilience tips at Angus & Robertson book stores. As a bullied teacher, I reveal my recovery story from parent-teacher bullying and PTSD. I will sign copies of my award winning mental health, bully prevention and resilience books for kids and grown-ups.

I’m SO excited as this is my SECOND book signing series for Angus & Robertson. My award winning resilience books: Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness, Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, STOP the Bully and Bailey Beats the Blah are now stocked at Angus & Robertson Victoria Point Shopping Centre and Ipswich Riverlink Shopping centre.

Karen Tyrrell Resilience author

Karen Tyrrell Resilience author

Bully Prevention and Resilience Books by Karen Tyrrell

Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness
A Bullied teacher reaches breaking point and beyond, turning MAD. Police incarcerate her into the frightening psychiatric system. ME: teacher, mother, writer HER: manic, psychic, healer to the living, telepathic to the dead and she’s very psychotic .

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery
My husband and carer HIM: reveals the truth behind Me & Her. Plus I share my tips on recovering from stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Bailey Beats the Blah (coping skills 4-8 years).
Bailey hates his new school and has no friends. How does he beat the Blah? Coping skills for children’ anxiety and depression …Worry thoughts and sad days.

STOP the Bully (bully Prevention for 8-12 years)
How does NEW Kid Brian Bennett STOP the Bully without revealing his secret?
Bully prevention skills interwoven into a humorous, mystery story.

Come to my Bully Prevention and Resilience Signings

WHEN: Saturday 9th May 11-1pm

WHERE: Angus & Robertson Victoria Point Shopping Centre
2-34 Bunker Rd, Victoria Point

 Karen Tyrrell May 9th Victoria Point

Karen Tyrrell May 9th Victoria Point

WHEN: Thursday 14th May 11-1pm

WHERE: Angus & Robertson Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre
Cnr Downs St & The Terrace, Ipswich

A&R  Ipswich May 14 Karen Tyrrell FLYER

Karen Tyrrell May 14th Ipswich Riverlink

Love to chat with you there. Please ask me a question or two.

MORE of my events  HERE … MORE of my Book shops HERE

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2 comments to Bully Prevention Resilience Angus & Robertson

  • Steve

    You have worked without resting to get to this point in your life. Angus & Robertson are a highly respected bookshop, and your books deserve to be in there. Have fun at the book signings and I hope your many supporters and new readers enjoy chatting and meeting you!

  • Hi Steve, I’m SO looking forward to these two events to meet new friends and share our journeys. Thanks Steve, you’ve been cheering me on from the sidelines for so long … Always, Karen x

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