How to write and present a Kids Writing Workshop

spaceship-workshop-400x400BLAST OFF! Yesterday Kingston State School launched me as a teacher-writer-presenter at TWO writing sessions for kids. JOSH AND THE IT made a special appearance, zooming in from outer space. His alter ego (Karen Tyrrell), introduced the two main characters from the kids sci-fi story. JOSH, the super hero and the IT, his alien nemesis, spring boarded a discussion on what these characters really wanted. And I challenged the kids to describe the imaginary worlds from JOSH AND THE IT.

How did I win this SUPER workshop gig?
Marie Elkington from Woodridge Schools Gifted & Talented committee googled Logan childrens authors and amazingly I came up. Coincidentally, I taught at Kingston State School more than a decade ago then later as a Gifted and Talented teacher at a nearby school. I’ve presented workshops in the Logan Libraries network.

How did I flesh out this workshop?
My writer friends zoomed to my rescue with dazzling suggestions. Many thanks to Sally Odgers for sharing her Building the Forest workshop from which I adapted to my own version … Building the Spaceship workshop. I incorporated characters and environments from JOSH AND THE IT, Book 1 of the Super Space Kids series.

What did the Kids do next?
Year 6 and 7 G&T kids selected an imaginary environment by tapping into their subconscious, visualizing the setting, characters and action sequence with me guiding them all the way.  For over 90 minutes, they each created a spectacular narrative of cosmic proportions. I’m awe-struck with pride by these gifted children.

A special thanks to Woodridge Schools G&T Committee for offering me this SupaNova of an opportunity … and they paid me not once but TWICE.

And THANKS to the kids themselves whose star-like creative talent sparkled and shone.

The countdown Begins … when’s my next Writing Workshop?

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8 comments to How to write and present a Kids Writing Workshop

  • Julia

    Hey Karen! What a incredible opportunity for you. Hope this leads to further interest in your SF series. I bet kids loved your workshops.

  • Well done Karen- sounded very inspiring and well done Sally for in turn inspiring Karen’s workshops.

  • Thanks Julia, I don’t know who enjoyed themselves the most yesterday. The kids or me? Hoping other schools read this Blog and invite me to present a workshop or two :))

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Congratulations Karen. Obviously you love teaching and isn’t this the BEST way to be one!

  • Thanks Lorraine for dropping by. Loved watching these budding writers reactions and enthusiasm. Sally was very generous to share her workshops. I needed a supersonic starting place. :))

  • Thanks Lexie, Definitely prefer the teacher-writer combination now. It was an inspiring day watching the kid’s talent unfold :))

  • Kelly Stroud

    Hi Karen, Can you tell me how to get in contact with Marie Elkington – I am interested in finding out more about the Woodridge schools gifted and talented committee. I would love to establish a gifted and talented program at the school my kids attend – Stretton College. I need to find out if the Woodridge schools G&T committee is a parent run thing and can I do something similar. Cheers, Kel

  • Hi Kelly, Fabulous to meet you here :)) Marie is an EdQ teacher and so are all the members of the Woodridge G&T committee. You’d be better off contacting Stretton College and ask about their G &T program and if they have cluster days with surrounding schools. Good luck :))

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