*BRILLIANT* Book Review- ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness

SQUEE!  I’ve received the most incredible book review for ME & HER! And I’m busting to share my appraisal with you.

Who reviewed my thought provoking Memoir?

Cecilia Jansink (Cels)

Cecilia Jansink (Cels)

Cecilia Jansink (Cels) is a respected Australian reviewer, assessing speculative fiction books on her website, “Confessions of a Booky Monster”.

Cels has published book reviews for award winning author Marianne de Pierres, reviewing books on her Burn Bright website under Cels’ Reviews.  Her reviews list the who’s who of Australian genre fiction: Kerry Greenwood, Rowena Cory Daniells, Lindy Cameron, Amanda Wraggles, Amanda Hocking and MORE. This year Cels made it onto the eligibility list for the 2012 Ditmar Awards.

What’s my connection with Cels, a speculative fiction reviewer?

Besides writing memoir, I write kids sci-fi novels and picture books AND I read the books Cels reviews!

What did Cels say?

She absolutely LOVED it! … Here’s a teaser snippet!

(Karen) Tyrrell writes with brutal and often devastating honesty and her story will certainly have you running the emotional gauntlet. Fast paced and brilliantly timed, the pages will fly by as you find yourself completely and utterly invested in not only the struggle that faces ME but desperately wanting to understand HER that little bit more and quite possibly give a certain set of parents a piece of your mind!

For most of us mental illness is a subject we want to shy away from and is to be avoided at any cost. Let’s face it, it’s just plain scary. (Karen) Tyrrell’s bravery at stepping into the spotlight and bearing her soul for all to witness will quite literally blow you away and help quash some of those fears at the same time. All in all this is a thought provoking and confronting read that will challenge you and lave you utterly transfixed at this amazing journey.

This is certainly a book to sink your teeth into.’


What did you think of this REVIEW?

Please share with your friends!!!

PS  On Thursday I’m launching ME & HER at Black Cat Paddington Books & Cafe on the 1oth May @6pm.

Please call 3367 8777 to reserve a seat!

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6 comments to *BRILLIANT* Book Review- ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness

  • Fantastic review Karen! xx

  • Thanks Rebecca. This review is a writer’s Dream. wasn’t expecting anything like this!!

  • Lexie Mitchell

    That is indeed a brilliant review Karen, Cel’s review tells it exactly how it is.I am halfway through your book at the moment.XX

  • Thanks Lexie, for giving me that feedback. I’m thrilled you agree with the review. That gives ME & HER, the official review and myself more credence 🙂

  • Heather Golding

    Yep! I couldn’t have said that any better myself Karen! That was a Brilliant review… you should be so proud of yourself… well done and congratulations again and again… xx

  • Thanks so much for Heather, for concurring with my latest Review. Your ongoing support means so much to me. Take care xx

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