BEE-lieve New Cover New Book Reveal

Cover-revealBEE-lieve … I’m celebrating my brand new book cover … plus the title and the blurb.

I’m thrilled to show you my children’s book I’ve worked on for the last 18 months.

THANK YOU to my awesome friends, fans, critique buddies and Beta readers for your kind encouragement. I’m deeply grateful for your support. Hugs xx

BEE-lieve the Cover

Eco fantasy adventure The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2) is finally here! Rosella Ava Bird battles to save the bees and the Planet.

It’s the story about the POWER of friends and self-BEElief. Sequel to Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1) by Karen Tyrrell (that’s me).

Trevor Salter illustrated the cover.

Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Café designed my action-packed cover and book.


BEE-lieve the author, Karen Tyrrell

I’m an award-winning Brisbane author and school teacher, launching my 7th children’s book. On my writing journey, I’ve achieved three awards, three literary grants and a mentorship with the Society of Editors. I gained hundreds of *5 STAR reviews for my books to empower kids to live STRONG.

BEE-lieve Jackie French, Order of Australia

Jackie French, renowned children’s author supports my empowering messages in Song Bird 2, saying:

‘Friends who stand together ALWAYS have Super powers.’Jackie French, Australian Children’s Laureate 2014-2015.

Her quote sits proudly on the very top of my cover.

BEE-lieve the Blurb

Two friends, one bullied, one disabled, risk everything to battle bugs, cyclones and bullies to save the planet.

“A superstorm destroys Rosella Ava Bird’s flower garden.

All the bees are disappearing.

A giant sinkhole cracks open beneath Rosie’s school bus, and mysterious voices rise up from the depths.

A tornado blasts the house of Frank, Rosie’s sinister next-door neighbor, threatening Rosie’s family.

And Rosie’s sister, Raven, has gone missing.

Should Rosie lead a mission into Bug World to rescue Raven?

Or stay home and save her family?”



BEE-Lieve: PRE-ORDER a signed, stamped copy of The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2) with a numbered, laminated certificate.

Now available as a PRE-ORDER with FREE postage HERE

The Battle of Bug World

AUTHOR: Karen Tyrrell

ISBN: 9780994302182

PUBLISHER: Digital Future Press

BEE-lieve in yourself and you can fly!!

What do You BEE-lieve about The Battle of Bug World?

I would LOVE to hear from you. Your feedback is appreciated.

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10 comments to BEE-lieve New Cover New Book Reveal

  • Susan matori

    Wow. What an exciting cover, giant bees acting like flying horses. Very eye catching and imaginative, can’t wait to buy this one for my daughter s. Well done Karen , you’re so creative!

  • Hey Susan,
    Thanks for being first to check out my new book, The Battle of Bug World.
    Thrilled you love it and want to buy a copy for your daughter.
    I’m gobsmacked!…and grinning.
    Karen 🙂

  • Congratulations, Karen. You must be so excited after all your hard work. I have already ordered my copy. Can’t wait. But I guess I have to! The story sounds fabulous. How great to have a byline by Jackie French.

  • Hi Norah,
    I knew you’d be excited!
    Thanks for dropping by to check my cover and what its all about.
    Thanks so much for Pre-ordering your own copy. Hope they arrive soon.
    YES! I’m so grateful for Jackie French’s by-line … I hope to do her proud.
    Karen 🙂

  • Steph L

    Tornados, sink holes and super-storms, talk about battling Mother Nature 🙂

    Always happy to hear about your new books Karen. Glad all your creativity/hard work is paying off.


  • Tammy

    Love the blurb,cover and marketing so far. You are an inspiration to us all. Big Congrats xx

  • Hi Tammy,
    WOW! Thanks so much for taking a peek of my new cover. Thrilled you love the cover and the blurb.
    Can’t wait to announce the book launch. Fingers crossed you’ll be able to come along.
    Stay tuned … Hugs, Karen x

  • Hi Steph,
    I was SUPER exited to discover your comment here on THE BATTLE OF BUG WORLD. Just like old times.
    Thanks for taking a peek. I hope our paths cross again soon.
    Karen x

  • Congratulations!!!! I’m very, very thrilled for you. Your dedication and determination to help kids is 10/10.

  • Hi Maria,
    Thanks so much for checking out my Cover Reveal and leaving a generous comment.
    Today I announce my interactive book launch…
    I announce my interactive book launch of Song Bird 2 and my sweet Sponsor. I reveal the FUN program, my guest speaker plus the prizes and Free giveaways. Come take a peek!Are you joining the FUN?

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