August was Awesome

August was month of supersonic proportions!
The month of August launched with JOSH AND THE IT zooming away to the Children’s Publisher Leonie Tyle recommended, with her brilliant review attached and a kick-ass marketing plan.

Last week Donna Jelli-Beanz interrogated me on JOSH’s past and future, bribing me with jelli-beanz and cups of tea to disclose my latest pitch …

‘World’s best game-fighter, Josh becomes a Space Kid. When he learns how to be a team player, he succeeds in capturing the It, saving the Galaxy.’

The month culminated with me reading JOSH AND THE IT to a horde of child-like aliens, monsters, and space creatures at Logan North Library junior book club.
I zipped out all my teacher and theatrical resources to keep this lively bunch entertained.
I had the kids standing on tippy-toes reaching for the stars then blasting off into space … Gee I miss teaching sometimes!!

Just a glimpse of September

Next Saturday the 4th of September, I’m gearing up for the CYA Children’s Conference in Brisbane, hoping to chat with my superheroes of Children’s Writing ─ Check out this stella line-up … Kate Forsyth, Gabrielle Wang, Dee White, Sheryl Gwyther, Katherine Battersby, Angela Sunde … to name just a few.

WoW! It’ll be a blast!

As I wait to hear from the Children’s Publisher,  September promises to be one helluva busy month.

I can hardly wait to tell you about it … Wish me luck.

JOSH vsThe ALIENS @ Logan North Library

JOSH vs The ALIENS @ Logan North Library

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10 comments to August was Awesome

  • Sally

    Congrats Karen, for another supersonic month with Josh fighting off the Aliens. Will ME and HER come back to the forefront in September?

  • Thanks Sally, I’ve really had a blast with Josh. I have HUGE plans for Me and Her in September. Hope to disclose more very soon…Karen :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Great photo. What a hoot! You certainly have a way with children, Karen. Congrats on an awesome Augus. I’m sure September will be super for you–and very busy. Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna. I had an awesome time Reading to the kids … like a dress rehearsal for the real deal when my book’s published :)) Yes September is gearing up at a ridiculous speed already. Karen :))

  • Steph L

    Looks like a lot of fun. Will have to dream up a super-hero costume for myself in case i finally make it to a reading1 🙂
    Congrats and waiting with bated breath for the September sequel.

  • Thanks Stephanie, always pays to have a costume ready. You never know when you might need to be a Super Hero! I’m bursting at the seems to tell you my September News. You’ll just have to wait to next month … Hang on that’s only a few days :))

  • Well done, Karen! I’m so envious of the CYA Conference. Looks to be a great line up of talented authors.

  • Super hero? Me? Tee hee hee…thank you, Karen! LOL
    Actually, you are a hero to me too.

    Those kids in the photo look to be having a ball. I’ll be sure to have a hero costume ready for a future release. Meantime, do you have a fairytale costume? A Princess or a frog might be good.

    CYA Saturday!!

  • Hi Carol, The CYA conference is amazing. I went to my first one last year and I was blown away by the line-up, the standard of the writing sessions and the friendliness of the the Childrens Writers themselves. It was heaven :))

  • Thanks Angela, I’ve really appreciated all the support you’ve given me. Thanks so much :)) Mmm Princess or frog costume? … I’ll have to look into that!! CYA Saturday :))

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