Chat with Jelli-Beanz

Donna Jelli-Beanz, children’s author extraordinaire chats with me about my inspiration for ME AND HER :a Memoir of Madness

and Kids Sci-fi JOSH and the IT .

Grab a cup of tea,  and meet me  at Jelli-Beanz corner and for a chat … I’ll answer all your questions over a bowl of jelli-beanz.

We can also chat here as well about  Mayhem, Madness and Mania  and how it inspired my Writing.

So put your feet up, relax and fire away !!

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13 comments to Chat with Jelli-Beanz

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Good idea, Karen. I’ll be there within the hour. Have a few things to do first. Cheers, Joanna xx

  • Thanks Joanna, look forward to chatting with you. Hope you have a question ready :))

  • Thanks everyone for grabbing your cup of tea and meeting me over Jelli-Beanz corner. I’m waiting there to answer your questions about my inspiration for writing “ME AND HER:a Memoir of Madness”
    … Karen :))

  • rebecca dobbie

    Hey Karen,

    Did you enjoy your jelli chat today?

  • Hi Rebecca, Yes, I loved my jelli chat today. All the cups of tea and jelli-beanz kept me going. Really loved your questions too. You forced me to think. Hope to meet you on Friday @ 4pm… Karen:))

  • rebecca dobbie

    I am looking forward to it too…I will also pop in on Wednesday to see your chat about Josh and the It…

  • Thanks Rebecca, Look forward to your in-depth questions on Wednesday :))

  • Wanted so much to join you all for jelli-beanz (I like black ones) and a cuppa, but the rest of the world had other ideas! I’m sure you were great Karen. XX

  • Hi Dawn, Thanks for dropping by here anyway. There’s still plenty black jelli-beanz left. Hope you can join me over at Jelli-beanz corner on Wednesday when I talk about my inspiration for Josh and the It… Karen :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Hi, Karen and Donna.
    Karen–You’ve written a memoir (life writing), a thriller, and science fiction for children. Which have you enjoyed writing the most, and why?
    Joanna :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Oh, sorry–meant to post that question over at JellyBeanz. J :))

  • Great question, Joanna.
    Josh and the It was an absolute joy to write. Almost an escape from the other two Books I was writing. Loved getting into a kids fantasy world where I can make and break all the rules. In Josh’s world kids have fun, devour the most delicious feasts and make all the decisions.

    My memoir was difficult is write, to expose my traumas and dirty laundry to the world. I tried to do it with humour and honesty.

    Crime is a difficult genre to write anyway. I had to reveal snippets of evidence all in the right places.
    Sayonara is a based on a true story. Our Japanese student went missing so my strong emotions are wrapped up in that story too.

  • Thats OK Joanna, I appreciate you visiting me on my website. This week it was like I was on two different channels. Thanks again for stopping by:))

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